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Thoughts on Apple’s new laptops and desktop computers.

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22 Comments on “[Video] Apple Silicon – Let’s Talk”

  1. I don’t know about them putting fans in devices to cool GPUs. I’d be willing to bet that another reason they’re transitioning is to be able to make fanless devices

  2. Excellent take Dave, lot of insight as always. Couple of thoughts I had:
    1. This harkens the beginning of a new computing convergence that goes beyond desktop + laptop vs mobile (phone, tablet etc.) I honestly see a more universal/cohesive approach to computing that would at best look like a hybrid of our current bifurcated computer vs mobile model.
    2. I am so excited about the possibility of Apple hardware possibly becoming affordable again.
    3. What if Apple just said screw it to graphics performance? They know the exact creative types using their hardware so what if the Axx family was tuned just to work flawlessly with images/video/sound. Gaming is such a Windows/PC centric thing I honestly believe they could not care less about losing out there.

    Finally, as someone who love, Love, LOVES his workstation + real estate screen space I am going to thing I will have a harder and more difficult time finding discrete components and motherboards in the ensuing decades. With the ever lower margins and profits will the Taiwanese and Chinese vendors eventually stop making motherboards and PC components?

  3. No way on god’s green earth is Apple going to give the consumer a cheaper device because their silicon costs less. Everyone is already paying the current prices, so Apple is just going to recoup bigger profits. Cmon brah!

  4. If apple's set on having no discrete graphics then they'll deliver graphics better than any integrated graphics we have seen on intel(and just maybe better than amd)

  5. I think Intel started to lose when the geniuses into upper management though firing 12k people would be “profitable”… but they lost a lot of talent. AMD is way ahead, Apple has potencial to be ahead… and on Graphics Nvidia is ahead too…

    About SoCS being cheaper it’s not a fair comparison. Intel chips costs more because it’s the R&D price plus the costs to make.

    The same applies to Apple, it’s not how much it costs to make, but also how much it costs to design and create it … and I am pretty sure top silicon R&S is not cheap.

  6. The problem is wether the cpu is CISC based or RISC based cpus. Current intel cpu are CISC while the iphones and smartphones uses RISC. An entire new OSX need to be writen for RISC cpu as the way you write instructions bare different for both type. This meant that OSX for CISC cannot be use on OSX for RISC

  7. I disagree, they won't make stuff cheaper, don't forget they are the company who sold a thousand dollars monitor stand. They make their own chips for iPhone and iPad but still those devices are really expensive.

  8. It will be cheaper for the consumers, but it’s going to take 2-3 years till we get the saving passed down to us. the first apple silicon products i assume won’t be cheaper at all.

  9. Dave I get your point but I don't think Apple will lower their price point. This is Apple we are talking about. They know their consumers are ready to pay for overpriced hardware so why lower the price and cut profit margin? If anything, this will help them in getting more profit.

  10. Why do you think there will be no discrete GPU's? The graphics card is independent of whether its ARM or x86. PowerPC macs were also RISC and used Nvidia and ATI (now AMD) GPU's. Why would it be any different now? I guarantee you the first ARM mac pro will have a discrete GPU. And probably the larger macbook pro too

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