[Video] Building a $500 AMD Gaming PC

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[Video] Building a $500 AMD Gaming PC 1
[Video] Building a $500 AMD Gaming PC 2
[Video] Building a $500 AMD Gaming PC 3
[Video] Building a $500 AMD Gaming PC 4
[Video] Building a $500 AMD Gaming PC 5

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  1. Linus i leake your beard 😊 You've finally became caveman with that . Just love every build you have right there ! Good job in making budget gaming pc . Though I currently don't have mine yet since I just sold my recent i5 4th gen due to pandemic, Anyway Stay safe and Godbless😇 Greetings from Philippines😊

  2. What technology about dramless you talking is HMB (Host Memory Buffer) it would be interesting to see the explanation in techquickie or comparison benchmark with dram one in here.

    Already been a research about using HMB can make a big difference and slims the performance difference in dramless ssd.

  3. The Newegg-Link for the RAM refers to a „ASROCK B450“ Search 🙂
    For all the German Viewers I put together a Geizhals Wishlist with pretty much the same components.
    The Case is not available so I choose another one with RGB that’s even cheaper and spend the money saved on a M.2 PCIe
    Overall it comes out at approx. 525€ (incl. shipping)
    You can get it down to 520€ if you switch the M.2 to a SATA-SSD
    https://geizhals.de/?cat=WL-1624056 (not a paid Link 🙂 )

  4. It is so sad that here on Brazil 1 dollar = 5,39 reais, an entry level notebook is 3000 reais. With i3, 4gb, 128 gb ssd. Hd screen. An entry level gaming pc is like 5k or more. We are so fu***d.

  5. As someone who's built with one stick, don't do it. You don't save money because it's not much more for 2 sticks, and then you have 3.

    Get 8GB (2×4) to start and then later upgrade to 16GB (2×8). Especially if your build is using integrated graphics. It's literally the difference between barely playable and happy you built it.

  6. Spend $50 on Single Channel RAM today
    Spend $100 on Dual Channel RAM tomorrow
    Total $150

    Spend $100 on Dual Channel RAM today
    Total $100

    Long Term investment strategy is flawed

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