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How to buy the best MacBook? Here’s my 2020 Apple MacBook buying guide – Ranging from their MacBook Air to the MacBook Pro, these are some things you should know.
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  1. I need to get one for college and I’m gonna be doing digital art some editing and etc , so I dk which one I should buy?? I need help

  2. Can someone suggest? My 2016 MBP without Touch Bar stopped charging for no reason and does not power on, it is with Service Center and getting diagnosed. I am sure the repairs are going to be expensive. I have an option to take insurance cover but insurance will cover me for $800 max, I still have to pitch in $500 from my pocket. What do you suggest – Shall I go for repair and get the old one repaired or go for a new one? How about getting it repaired from non-authorized repair center and later sell on ebay or similar platforms?

  3. I’m a web developer, and also want to start learning and develope apps. I have a MacBook Pro 15inch 2015 with an i7 and 16gb. Does anyone recommend to upgrade to one of these newest computers?

  4. Don't buy a macbook. Buy a heavier but 2-3 times stronger Laptop for the same price. Lenovo ThinkBook 15 is way stronger that what apple offers for the same price. Please do some research before you buy apple laptops. It will save you a couple hundred dollars.

  5. Dear Dave, please give us your updated thoughts on purchasing a MacBook in 2020, considering the announced transition to Apple’s in-house SoCs. Many thanks.

  6. 6:30 Man… isn't that what we call an overpriced Facebook machine? I mean, fact of the matter is that's just how useless that computer is. I wish I knew that back when I bought my computer. As a point of reference, no matter how well Apple optimises their software, it won't make the impossible happen. In other words, if you can't do the same thing on a Windows computer with integrated graphics, you're gonna be lagging just as much on the MacBook. Over the years I've started to realise that there is truly very few reasons to buy an Apple computer. Being a MBP owner, I would say that Apple makes a better LAPTOP, but not COMPUTER. So in terms of form factor, trackpad, screen and, sure, speaker, the MBP is a nice device. However, from the retarded engineering in cooling (which impacts reliability and performance potential), a**hole attitude towards industry standards (USB for example), to a straight-up detachment/disconnectedness to market prices (yep, in our crappy capitalist world, money/price is a very real and valid consideration and metric of expectations and performance) Apple computers are a product which vastly under-performs on every level as a computer when compared to its contemporaries at the same price point. I just can't say anything positive about a Macbook, as a kid who actually uses their brain before spending money. I would say if the prices were not egotistical 'luxury' garbage, and Apple acknowledges market prices and conforms there would be so many people who would actually pick to use a Macintosh. The fact of the matter is that Apple is pretending to be a Ferrari with the assumption that all of the other computers on the market are underperforming rust buckets when in reality, many competitors are closer to Apple's offerings than they seem to think.
    Repairs are indeed overpriced and quite frankly sub-par. My computer was faulty out of the factory and within a week of purchase I returned to the Apple store only to have my brand new, 1 week old computer get repaired with a 2nd hand/refurbished motherboard. The problems weren't fixed and over the course of my ownership and the numerous visits I've made to the (official) Apple store, the motherboard was misaligned after an early repair attempt leading to damaged headphones (because I unknowingly scraped the jack constantly over the aluminium case). There was even the time when they deleted my entire computer's drive and labelled that as 'software repair' on the invoice when I showed them video proof of Airdrop not working. So I suppose their software repair service didn't involve going into the computer's drivers or code and trying to locate any corruption or accidental adjustments of some setting???
    So to this day (now outside of my APPLECARE BS warranty, which I obviously paid for), my computer still has problems and I'm left with nothing but resentment and a fervent desire to blow Apple HQ to sh*t and probably start an imaginary shooting of those tax evading, hypocritical money whores.
    Naturally, before buying the computer, I suppose I had doubts when hearing the horror stories and convinced myself that 'surely, if so many people love Apple… it couldn't be that bad'. Well it doesn't matter whether I belong in a minority or an unsung majority, but these problems shouldn't be happening, EVER! Especially when you pay such a good amount of money.
    In advance, I won't accept any replies by iSheep, keep your apologist BS to yourself and let any prospective buyers digest the factual experience of another owner. Stop trying to stifle the important minority and the information they're trying to get across, our experiences and opinions are being poached to extinction… I suppose if anything, the iSheep are iWolves with a personality disorder thinking they're sheep when it's convenient. BTW my computer is a 2015 retina MBP.

  7. Sorry to burst your bubble Dave, as a music producer I can guarantee you that the GPU is being used quite heavily. As absurd as it was when I discovered that; it's true. I know for a fact that a lot of optimisation depends on the DAW, but let's use Logic as an example (cause that's my main DAW anyway). It's been reported on many forums by Logic users that the engine overloads when scrolling, once we start filling up the project with many tracks (oh but, when we don't scroll in the GUI the project can playback without issue)! This is also not helped by the fact that integrated graphic is tied to the CPU (as the cpu also does graphics processing if you use integrated graphics). There have been producers who've ended up rather confused to find out that by plugging their Macbook into power and enabling the discreet GPU all their problems suddenly disappeared. I'd say from experience it comes down to the unnecessarily fancy, high resolution animations that Logic uses for its metering and plugins. Who would've thought huh? You only know these things once you've worked in the field or after you're bought a MacBook and got seriously roasted by Apple for your good faith.

  8. Is the base model 13 inch model good enough for music production? My DAW is Studio One and I use a couple of plugins. Debating if I should purchase one. My budget limit is enough for the base model. I always wanted an apple macbook pro. Your opinion is valued.

  9. Does anyone experience thermal issue/overheating issue with the new Macbook Pro ? My is 10th I5 16GB RAM, the bottom of the laptop gets very hot for only watching one Youtube video. One Chrome tab open, no heavy background apps running.

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