[Video] Can you cool a Core i9 10900K for cheap?

Lian Li LANCOOL 205 (Amazon): Lian Li LANCOOL 205: Browse Micro Center’s work and learn from home …


  1. Holy crap, even under a d15, that chip runs THAT hot? I cooled a 3950x on PBO under a U9S and an IC Graphite pad… and the only way I could break 80 was under small FFT loads in synthetic benchmarks. This was in a core v1 ITX case lol.

    Intels 10nm isn't much better for thermals on the 1065s so here's hoping they get it under control for the desktop 10nm. This is just embarrassing at this point.

  2. You guys need to get an Arctic 280mm CLC, the new one. Outperforms many even 360mm CLCs bcuz of its thicker rad, great pump, and level CPU block. Its also only 95 or 100 bucks, no RGB lol. GamersNexus did a review.

  3. a few years ago you did a review of banggood(dot)com, recently you did some reviews on buying gaming items from wish. Can you do a full pc build with parts from banggood? Would be amazing to see whether it's as legit as other reputable sellers, or as dodgy as wish can be. 🙂

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