[Video] DON'T Buy The New iPhone SE

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40 Comments on “[Video] DON'T Buy The New iPhone SE”

  1. If we think carefully about it; there’s really nothing special about the SE 2020 other than the A13 processor which is useless when used with old hardwares. The processor could handle a better camera but they gave us the same old iPhone 6/8 camera. Rendering the A13 chip pretty much wasted.

  2. Shame op Apple
    Only reason I still use iPhone and I must say, never ever go above 8, as I strongly believe it not worth it,
    Its IOS, which I found slightly safer and easier to use and trust.
    Let me put it this way, if I could install IOS on. Sony Xperia, I would never never ever back to apple again

  3. The only reason that I always buy iPhones is the fast-non-degrading-easy user interface. Android always has the habit of slowing down after a while, (don’t know why that is) and the interface straight up sucks. Srry if I hurt anyone’s feelings but that’s how it is.
    The iPhone se is what it is,

  4. Bro this made me regret everything in my life…my mom ordered this phone because I’ve been stuck with a 60 US dollars phone and this phone is 658 US dollars in my country

  5. Lol this phone is better than what you people think. Just look up the benchmarks. Better than the XS Max. I don’t like Apple much either but it’s super cheap for something this good

  6. Wow. I am happy he wasn't my school teacher. Holy Cow!!
    This is not the phone video I should be watching while going to sleep. He hates the iPhone SE and that makes me wanna buy it even more.

  7. No kodi on iphone No download of what ever i want, which Apple still use closed system where i cant do some nerting on it. Price vs Price huaweii have a cheap good Phone i cant see the difference and still i can use my Phone for something good witout this closed still system.. No go a real smartphone is a Phone where i can manage to do at least something about my system. I love kodi to do some nerds things.. So if People wants to use more money in a Phone then this is the good chooise..

  8. I say it is better not to buy the iPhone se for a price that high……… The design sucks and the battery didn't even last 3 hrs. I say, at that high price u can get an android flagships smartphone way better then iphone……. Its your choice

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