[Video] FINE. The iPad Pro is a laptop. – Magic Keyboard Review

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  1. Apple has already started merging ios and MacOS. Eventually, the Ipad Pro will replace the smaller Macbooks. The large Pro will remain it's own thing as a true pro device unlike the 13" Macbook Pro.

  2. What makes me love mine, is that I natively RDP into my powerful PC at home whenever I’m limited by it’s application capability. With cellular connectivity, it’s the best thing I’ve ever bought owning a IT Consulting company.

  3. guys i just bought an ipad pro and i'm highly disappointed and i regret it. not because of the device itself, but because of that shitty ipadOS. tbh, i just should have bought a surface….i am regretting it so much, that i'll never ever buy an ipad again for at least the next 5years. they need to put macOS on this thing and then i'll buy it.

  4. I wish they remove iPadOS and just import MacOS to the iPad. Or even better if you plug it in your magic keyboard the iPad uses MacOS and when you unplug it, then it returns to iPadOS. The best of two worlds.

  5. Apple is truly a genius. They invent iPad to remove the Keyboard and Mouse from PC and make money out of it and now they add it back in and make even more money out of it.

  6. Still prefer the surface pro.
    Can browse the internet, draw in tablet mode, play casual games, AND… plug it onto a monitor/tv on my desk, switch to desktop mode while using my rgb mouse/keyboard/speakers.

  7. Why on the earth do you want the iPad to be a laptop? The iPad is a different and unique type of product. It was designed for a specific function. The keyboard is an add-on, it is a gadget, you will use it in case you need a keyboard for your iPad. The keyboard is not part of the iPad, it is there IN CASE you just need to type quick things that don't really require you to fire up your Laptop. Stop bitching around, please.

  8. This was genuinely entertaining to watch! It’s funny to see PC people scratching their heads at this thing in genuine confusion, as it’s clearly good quality but the ‘why’ of it is such a mystery.

    I have an iPad Pro for illustration and basic video editing. I considered getting the Magic Keyboard recently to replace an ageing laptop, but ended up playing it safe and getting a MacBook Air instead, as a) the file system makes it easier to find stuff while teaching and b) I like to keep my teaching device and my freelance device separate. Also, there’s an app I rely on as a music teacher which I need a PC or Mac for.

    THAT SAID, if I wasn’t still teaching, I’d probably have gone with the Magic Keyboard. And become one of those mystery people with an iPad workflow which flicks between laptop-ish and tablet at the drop of a hat. I think it’s perfect for creating a graphic novel, for instance. Script with the Magic Keyboard, draw with the pencil, put it all together with whatever is most comfortable.

    I’m really looking forward to what they do with the iPad Pro in the future. It’s my all-time favourite Apple product. Never thought I’d love an Apple thing more than my first ever black polycarbonate MacBook, but here we are.

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