[Video] Fixing Apple's Engineering in an Hour

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  1. please dude go to a Barber Shop and remove this disgusting looking hairy monster
    u look a lot better without this 🙂
    And Apple sit down and try again^^

  2. 9:55 don't worry about burning the user because neither does Apple. I've actually got a pretty huge burn mark on my left calf from falling asleep on a MacBook Pro power supply.

  3. I've used Windows computers/laptops all my life. My strongest memory of using a Mac laptop is playing Minecraft on a friend's one. It uses the keyboard WASD for moving, and every time my finger slipped from the key to the metal surface between the keys, my hand would automatically jerk away because it felt like I was about to be burnt.
    Sorry, but I just don't trust a computer that doesn't have a fan to cool itself. It'll either heat up it's own body, making it uncomfortable or it will throttle the CPU.

  4. Apple has distorted values, that cooler mount was intentional, it's like making a car with faulty brakes on purpose so they can sell a better car at higher prices.

  5. A thicker bottom plate for better heat spread over the plate and integrating the CPU block into the bottom plate, could maybe make the fan redundant.
    The higher mass would help with burst heat and they could install a bottom plate temperature probe, to monitor the temp when at high load over a long time.

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