[Video] I REPLACED my $1000 Wifi….

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41 Comments on “[Video] I REPLACED my $1000 Wifi….”

  1. He in Norway where I live we have faster internet on the street lmao. Anyways, it's not even that expensive for a fast internet speed here…

  2. Don't your ISPs not give you any (decent) router and radio functionality in the modem itself? I get 300+ Mbps with my ISPs router/modem/radio combination with a phone from 2017, and about 600 Mbps with a laptop from 2014…

  3. Ruckus is really the king of hot wifi, and they do Wifi 6 with aplomb. Of course, the stuff costs an absolute fortune so it's not really for home tinkerers. But dang, the stuff is just foolproof, is dead easy to manage and their patented multi-antenna tech delivers. Given a choice for corporate level wifi, I'd go Ruckus every time. I'd consider Ubiquiti mostly semi-pro tbh.

  4. What are you talking about… your main laptop, the Dell XPS 13 you use with the pink skin, that's a WiFi6 device and you know it?

  5. Pro tip: Remember, you can have the most powerful base antenna for outdoor WiFi, but you can't forget that the biggest limiting factor is the strength of the antenna in the device you are using. You must be able to maintain 2-way communication between the devices. Your phone may still be able to see the super powerful base antenna, but the antenna can't see your phone because the phone is just not powerful enough to reach all the way back.

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