[Video] Now THAT'S Hot… – 13” MacBook Pro 2020 Review

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[Video] Now THAT'S Hot... - 13” MacBook Pro 2020 Review 1
[Video] Now THAT'S Hot... - 13” MacBook Pro 2020 Review 2
[Video] Now THAT'S Hot... - 13” MacBook Pro 2020 Review 3
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46 Comments on “[Video] Now THAT'S Hot… – 13” MacBook Pro 2020 Review”

  1. I really discourage anyone buying this macbook pro just because of 95 degrees heat, just continue to render videos and in one year this machine is gonna cook some chips and soon have to "replace the logic board", except now it's probably really the logic board broken.

  2. Hey guys! I am a Youtuber as well and do quite a bit of video editing but I have no idea which specs I need. Here's what I DON'T need. Since I have an external monitor, the size of the laptop screen or it being touchscreen means nothing to me. While very nice, all the premium materials & thinness of the XPS range are also not needed. The laptop also stays in one place so portability is not needed but I don't want a big desktop. I just need a pretty quick laptop that will render my videos as fast as possible. I also would like not to break the bank. Here's what I DO(or think I do)need: I want a Dell. Intel i7 9th or 10th Gen, 16gigs or more of RAM, 512gb Hardrive and not sure if a dedicated graphics card helps in the rendering of videos or if that's for game play on the machine itself of which I do none. Any suggestions?

  3. Hi bro! Can I have a macbook pro coz I want to do my video editing course but I can't becoz I don't have any macbook…. And can't effort one… You can bless me a used one also… Plz… As a blessing bless me one…

  4. So,so, true. I bought one MacBook Pro 2020, i10, 16gb, 1TB SSD yesterday and it runs so incredibly hot even on idle with Safari open or an idled dj application, nothing really running just one app open at a time. It gets very hot at the area where you rest your hands and at the bottom. Do not buy this thing. Seems like I will be enjoying my 2015 Pro until it dies. What a joke from Apple. So much bragging for this.

  5. Some people will hate what you say about Mac 😃 but it's true, my opinion is that they bought planty of CPU and they didn't sold them as they expected… but what your sponsor provides seems good except the fact they will keep in memory your credit card, I didn't find the way they securise their system more than an Amazon data center for example. OK what they do with our data is blurred, I don't agree with Alexa program but I defy anybody to take a selfie in such a datacenter. Privacy OK but not with less security. 😃
    And as I said, I didn't find it doesn't mean they don't do it

  6. Ouch, that temperature on the MBP 13 2020 with 10th gen Intel CPU is a real bummer. Makes me wonder if it's better for me to stay with the 4 TB3 port MBP 13 2019 or 2018 despite the rather terrible Butterfly keyboard. I don't want to buy the MBP 16, way too big for my liking.

  7. so let me get this straight.. i stop watching ltt videos for 2 months. (maybe more iv lost track) and now linus looks like obi wan kenobi's lost son???? SOMEONE EXPLAIN PLEASE

  8. Garbage products from Apple. I really hope they go under in the next five years. Unless they come out with the next, new best device…. I pray they go into receivership. I also pray anyone who uses Apple loses tens of thousands of dollars, as they are left with bricked devices with no more firmware updates, and no more customer support.
    He who buys apple, touches little 6 year old boys.

  9. last time i was using ableton with an apple (admittedly a 2011 pro in late 2017) it could not sustain multi tracking or heavily processed tracks, it would lag, stutter, and glitch and was basically useless for live music (and recording because latency was terrible) for me after the first year of ownership..
    though it did put up with a bunch of open GL MAX MSP malarkey i was putting it through while i was in art school..so it had that going for it i guess…

  10. Note:by using a Mac, I don't have to subscribe to Adobe Premier when owning Final Cut Pro. So avoiding the dell I'll save a little money (I have a eGPU already) also I mainly use Lightroom & Photoshop Loving the fast ram, I am so glad to be using File-drop and iMessage again after being a 1.5 year Windows user…. I will keep the pc I built from watching your videos Linus it helped me skip over the butterfly keyboard mess LOL

  11. Thanks for raising it! I own a 2019 13" MacBook Pro, and although I remain a faithful customer (love their ecosystems), I am quite disappointed by the temperature it can get. I was hoping for them to improve it at some point. I guess next time I'll go with the 16". We'll see.

  12. I am 12 years old and ever since I started watching Linus tech tips I wanted to build a computer. So I worked for months to get enough money to build a very budget gaming pc at $300. I have started the build but ran into problems at wiring. everything was going well I had the rgb and fans working but then I heard a click and suddenly the entire thing shut down. It isn't working now and i really need help I hope you see this.

  13. After the release of the 16inch MacBook Pro, I was really looking forward to a potentially new "14inch MacBook Pro"…. quite disappointed with this new 13inch release.

  14. So using privacy i can actually make multiple free 1 month netflix accounts in the same cost it takes me to buy a single account for a month and then sell it for cheap to students for that one month and profit…..

    That was a weird thing to say…

    So the macbook pro 2020 is quite hot under load huh…..

  15. When Lisa should get a Fan, I am curious did steve really cry? I mean in a MBPr, the Fans are nearly never spinning but every Mac has a default Temp of 100°C kinda, but Mac Pro. :PP

  16. I watched this video on the 13 inch I actually burnt my hand. During these times I find it very useful for zoom and FaceTime. Also final cut pro works pretty fast on my machine.

  17. been watching LTT videos that long, I feel that I subliminally know when he's going to segway into a "sponsor" that I hit my right arrow key 4 times without even thinking about it

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