[Video] Surface Book 3 + Surface Headphones 2

Dave2D Review of the Surface Book 3 and Surface Headphones 2. These have been upgraded for 2020. Let’s talk about em
Surface Book 3 –
Headphones -…

[Video] Surface Book 3 + Surface Headphones 2 1
[Video] Surface Book 3 + Surface Headphones 2 2
[Video] Surface Book 3 + Surface Headphones 2 3
[Video] Surface Book 3 + Surface Headphones 2 4
[Video] Surface Book 3 + Surface Headphones 2 5

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  1. Hey Dave how do you feel about the sony xm3 headphones in comparison to the new surface headphones? The price can be essentially the same by getting the discounted Sony’s, but is
    the bump up in sound quality worth the downgrade to general usability?

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  3. Best Youtube channel
    Dave = Laptop
    Jim (JimsReviewRoom) = Headphones , portable speakers
    Lu (unbox therapy) = Unboxing
    Chris ( Chris Majestic) = Projectors

  4. I don't understand why no one is mentioning that the tablet mode only lasts up to 3 hours… It makes no sense that the selling point is this is a 2-in-1 when the tablet doesn't even last all day…

  5. Guys need help. I got dell g3 3590 in may 16 & this problem occurred after a week and here are the specifications core i7 9750-H, gtx 1660 ti max q, 8gb ram and 512 gb NVME ssd. Here is my I cant even play witcher 3 at high settings at 60 fps. Almost every single game will stutter this includes cod warzone, apex legends, stars wars jedi fallen. Without cooling pad it will go up to 100 degrees Celsius and with cooling pad the temperatures there is no problem. The main problem is how to increase performance in gaming.

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