[Video] The $32,000 Mac Pro Killer

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47 Comments on “[Video] The $32,000 Mac Pro Killer”

  1. Tbh matching Quadros against AMDs in the Mac Pro feels a bit unfair, cause (a) AMD doesn't even have anything in their lineup that would be a match for Quadros anyway; (b) the Radeon VII in your Mac is, as far as I know, not maxed out, and is somewhat cheaper than 13k.

    Otherwise a great entertaining video.

  2. Apple isn’t form over function, they just don’t define function as whatever sounds best in tech specs and benchmarks

    For example having a thin light and portable laptop means you can get work done on the go, Windows laptops however are really sluggish when not plugged in and Nvidia becomes slower than AMD

    Or in the case of the Mac Pro your chances of breaking it during an upgrade are significantly lower because it isn’t overloaded with cables

    Also audio editors need silent machines so they can correctly adjust their audio because fan noise creates blank pitches where the fan out noises the sound

    Video editors have the same problem especially with quieter scenes, you can’t hear people whisper when all you can hear is fan noise

  3. It would be a whole lot more interesting when Apple releases their multi core A-series CPU and GPU into Mac Pro, or even just iMac Pro. Will general x86 CPU still beat ARM-based proprietary designed CPU? Time will tell.

  4. Honestly, the plastic wrap left on the power supply – being clearly visible through the tempered glass – triggered me way more than the electrical tape on the ram cooler. 😀

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