[Video] The Best Cheap Gaming Laptop

My review of the Dell G5 SE with the AMD Ryzen CPU + RX 5600M. This the best cheap gaming laptop right now

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  1. When you stack AMD stuff together, you get some crazy good performance for the money. Smartshift is the same tech that supposed to be in the upcoming Playstation 5. It's kinda cool

  2. Looked like the left back bottom edge of the screen was damaged around 4:58 which backs up the poor build quality review. I was seriously considering this one until I saw this.

  3. Honestly, you can find similar specs with the hp pavilion gaming laptops. Fans are quiet, backlit decent keyboard and if you're not pleased with the specs you can uograde the ssd and ram down the line

  4. 1:40 How did you make this motion graphic? I want to make motion graphic like this, but I am just beginner, so I don't know any idea expecially tools/program/app.

  5. I thought about getting it but the im afraid of the hinge snapping, my old laptop had the same problem an my screen just dangled. I was going to get the Asus A15 but from my understanding it gets way to hot and the vent and cooling deisgin isn't good

  6. I found a gaming laptop for 800€ from msi
    It's MSI Gaming GF63 Thin 9SC-047 XES, Intel Core i7 der 9. Generation.

    Is it good for a casual gamer I like to play my games on medium graphics will it hit over 100 fps playing games like overwatch, valorant, minecraft, and games like this?

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