[Video] The First Mini-LED isn’t a 14” MacBook

Apple’s 14″ MacBook and upcoming 16″ MacBook will likely be using this new screen technology. The Creator 17 from MSI is powerful laptop with the mini LED based screen.

If you…

[Video] The First Mini-LED isn’t a 14” MacBook 1
[Video] The First Mini-LED isn’t a 14” MacBook 2
[Video] The First Mini-LED isn’t a 14” MacBook 3
[Video] The First Mini-LED isn’t a 14” MacBook 4
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  1. I doubt Apple would consider 240 zones a micro led display, especially considered the thickness of the MSI. Did you open this and is it micro LED or simply normal led with zone lightning?
    If Apple will give use something like this as ”Micro LED” I would be soooo disappointed.

  2. Dave I've been a long time viewer of yours for about 4 years now and I'm about to go off to college. I would like to build my own gaming pc for my dorm but I'm not sure how to start. Could you make a step by step video where you show us yourself building a pc with a good balance of price and performance?

  3. Just a quick correction though, Apple never produced displays for their devices, they buy it from Samsung & LG, so, saying that they would come up with their own innovative display technology, is simply a far-fetched illusion, just saying!

  4. Apple is always the last to introduce any technology. The whole narrative of “think different” is now translated into “charge nickel and dime form the customers “ and introduce tech that has already been tried and tested by other manufacturers for years while charging triple the amount.

  5. I think people are overrating mini-led displays. It all comes down to your needs. There won't be a huge difference between a mini-led and OLED or retina displays. Because the human eye can only see Gtx 1050.

  6. Guys need help. I got dell g3 3590 in may 16 & this problem occurred after a week and here are the specifications core i7 9750-H, gtx 1660 ti max q, 8gb ram and 512 gb NVME ssd. Here is my I cant even play witcher 3 at high settings at 60 fps. Almost every single game will stutter this includes cod warzone, apex legends, stars wars jedi fallen. Without cooling pad it will go up to 100 degrees Celsius and with cooling pad the temperatures there is no problem. The main problem is how to increase performance in gaming.

  7. Screw Mini LED.

    If not OLED, then laptops should use Dual-cell LCD panels instead for superior contrast and black levels compared to Mini LED. We're talking about at least 1 Million+ local dimming zones which granted is still not 1:1 dimming at the pixel level like OLED panels BUT it's still the closest to OLED in contrast and black level compared to anything else out now that ISN'T Micro LED.

    240 local dimming zones in this is a JOKE.

    It'll probably be at least 5+ years before we get Micro LED for TVs let alone monitors.

    Mini LED is not the way to go.

    P.s. Hisense Dual-cell > TCL Mini LED

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