[Video] The Tiniest Gaming Laptop!

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40 Comments on “[Video] The Tiniest Gaming Laptop!”

  1. That is the coolest gaming laptop ever. You can actually use it on the go unlike "gaming laptops" that need external graphics or let you play for 15 min of battery

  2. Watching GPD go from being a really niche company with 2 devices the GPD win and the XD to a company with many competitive micro pcs that have become decently normal talk in pc culture is amazing. The gpd pocket was one of the most unexpected successes in pc history, singlehandedly rekindling a want for micro pocket sized pcs despite the fact smartphones where commonplace. Who wouldve thought 4 years ago that people would be buying laptops not much bigger than their phones as an actual pc to use for work and not some throwaway gag.

  3. as interesting as this device is. anyone thinking of buying one should compare it to the galaxy tab s6. emulation performance is basicly the same. steam games run with steam link. it's even a few dollars cheaper. more lightweight and comes with a pen + dex mode.
    I personally can't see much reason to go for this rather than the samsung s6 which seems like more value for my money. I mean, it's not like you can play your steam games "on the go" anyway without a stable internet connection. the only plus for gpd is it's capability to run older/classic windows or dos games (aka gog store)

  4. if you want *better GPD Win coverage, check out The Phawx on YouTube, he has a bunch of reviews of certain games on the GPD Win 2 and has a few videos regarding the GPD Win Max, I would highly recommend seeing this

  5. I know, I know, making small computers seem satisfying, but honestly, why would you bother when you can make something something twice the size whne 4 times better experience, can anyone explain the point??

  6. I would personally like to find out where I can get my Xbox 360 controller analog sticks lubricated with Silicone or Ceramic grease, because have you guys ever noticed that EVERY XBOX 360 CONTROLLER DIES EVERY HALF A YEAR! There has to be a service where you could get your analog sticks greased so that the plastic and or potentiometer doesn't destroy itself in at least a year. Personally I would like to get grease that would last a decade but there's so much debate over what lubricant to use. If there's a problem with one over the other I don't wanna face that and buy the wrong stuff.

  7. I'm really not agreeing,it's a great device and the main selling point is the portability,but for 800 dollars you can get a much more powerful laptop and if you really need a handheld console you can get a Switch for 300. Now another selling point is Windows,but again,laptops and plus you're not getting this as your new Windows machine (or at least I hope not)

  8. hey Linus Tech Tips. I am a new youtuber and i have been watching your vids for years now.
    my sister had a heartacttack at the age of 25 and she is now 30, she has never been the same again
    she is in a care now cause she cant speak, but she is getting better and my mother is looking after her
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    7 days ago i had a mild seizure, and it was the worst thing i have ever felt in my life.
    i am doing much better now and thank god i am still alive, <3
    i am trying to start out a youtube channel for people that use Computers or Laptops
    i wanna do a tec channel and i would just like to start out somewhere you know,
    i make all my own videos and edit it all myself, its hard work but i would like to get somewhere
    just like you did…
    love your videos man keep it up!
    it always has me inspired & crying of laughter XD <3
    was just wondering if its okay if i can post my youtube Channel here so i can start getting more views
    thanks man i appreciate it alot
    maybe a shoutout? XD

    BTW loved the roast of Linus and me Crying Of Laughter



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