[Video] We Edited This Video on an iPad Pro!

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31 Comments on “[Video] We Edited This Video on an iPad Pro!”

  1. i hope apple improve more than they do, i mean it took 2 years for this new thing trackpad witch is like 2010 on laptops w/e, as apple dev ,
    they get paid so much i expect beter support, beter apps, and evem a beter os,
    the files app i hate it,
    i can't simply connect to pc and drag and rop files in own created folders, even itunes don't see them, and for what? i mean a explorer is the most basic things a computer needs right?,

    apps can't even use the custom folders a user creates in the files app, well most of them don't,
    and the worst thing that bugs me still, why is apple so focusing on locked notification sounds to, i can't even give my apps a own notification sound like on android, basic things that apple devs makes so hard to understand,

    tere is so much apple can do to improve this os of theirs but they are somehow so 90's and locked , abit freedom wont hurt for users that don't want to jailbreak right?, it is 2020 apple do something, and maby i might change my mind to get more devices of the good old apple, as for now i am happy with the pro 2018 but still not happy why develop is so slow, stop tortuing us

  2. I would love to have an iPad but at the same time i would never choose an iPad over a Surface Pro. For my workflow (mostly coding and graphic design) the iPad would be a dream device with a pain in the ass OS

  3. I own a software development company that specifically makes professional apps for iPad. (Namely the medical industry). We, too are really excited with iPad OS and its continued improvements. We are able to make apps that are often times better than their desktop counterparts.

  4. My hope is to see Apple really back the iPad up in iPad OS 14. I think some fine tuning and better macOS-like UI features for developing Catalyst(iPad OS and macOS) applications should offer better use of multi-window/multi-display.

  5. People who use iPads primarily do so because they don't know any better. There are no legitimate cross comparison benefits to it over a Windows laptop – literally not a one. Things that seem like benefits are completely irrelevant gimmicks or features which are actually detrimental to your overall media experience.

  6. Hey, I have a question. I am from Trinidad and Tobago, located in the Caribbean, I also play Fortnite. Why do I get a lower ping in NA-East servers and a higher ping in Brazil even though Brazil is far closer to me than Ohio where the NA-East server is located?

  7. when using the iPad as a computer,
    the list of compromises is as long as my arm,
    and it literally has to be framed as a challenge,
    but we praise Apple anyway for progress or courage or something.

  8. The monitor thing is one of the major reasons why the iPad isn't close to being a laptop replacement. In fact, Samsung's DeX (even with it's limited resolution support) is better as a laptop replacement than the iPad lol. I know this is a fluff piece, but that's the reality, having tried both in a work environment.

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