[Video] We got the GPU AMD wouldn’t sell…

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[Video] We got the GPU AMD wouldn’t sell… 1
[Video] We got the GPU AMD wouldn’t sell… 2
[Video] We got the GPU AMD wouldn’t sell… 3
[Video] We got the GPU AMD wouldn’t sell… 4
[Video] We got the GPU AMD wouldn’t sell… 5

40 Comments on “[Video] We got the GPU AMD wouldn’t sell…”

  1. I'd be curious to see this card being benchmarked when its memory bandwidth is limited such that it has the same bandwith available to it as the Zen+ APUs. Wouldn't be surprised if its graphics performance would be identical to the Vega 12 in that Surface Book chip. Implying that it only has 12 compute units instead of 16.

    So my prediction is that this "Vega 16" is just a prototype for the GPU that ended up being a part of the Picasso APUs. Basically what that DG-1 card is for Intel's Tiger Lake chips, albeit not published for developers to test.

  2. Can you help me my laptop it keeps on crashing whenever i play rocket league and the grafics are set to the lowest and the gpu keeps crashing can you plz help me plz for the love of god

  3. "Now just to be on the safe side since this is someone else's possession that we have to return, I'm gonna test it with the sliders halfway."

    A better Linus with proud parents from a different timeline.

  4. "custom proprietary harness" looks like its a jtag debug header. the female header looks like your standard 10 pin, and the blue could be a 20 pin version of same. not sure about the 16 pin header, that one might be proprietary, or it might be a bunch of other interfaces like i2c or spi. needless to say, its all debug and programming stuffs, and possibly for multiple chips on the pcb. useful for firmware devs.

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