[Video] Will More RAM Make your PC Faster?? (2020)

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[Video] Will More RAM Make your PC Faster?? (2020) 1
[Video] Will More RAM Make your PC Faster?? (2020) 2
[Video] Will More RAM Make your PC Faster?? (2020) 3
[Video] Will More RAM Make your PC Faster?? (2020) 4
[Video] Will More RAM Make your PC Faster?? (2020) 5

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  1. On Linux you can set the swappiness which is the likelihood that memory will be swapped to disk, that way you can either keep everything in memory to be used at a moments notice or keep memory free for caching and being available to load more programs.

  2. I really want to understand that chrome fanaticism that Linus have… Since Opera became a better browser running on top of chromium engine I stop using Chrome completely and only run Opera and as a second browser I use Firefox… Opera consumes much less memory than chrome and has more stability when having a lot of tabs open… And I'm kinda of a tab hoarder and I don't have much problem with many open tabs with Opera like I used to have when I was using Chrome… I would like to see some video talking about Opera here in LTT, because Chrome sucks…

  3. Yes, 4 gigs on Linux is ok πŸ™‚ Just sharing my experience, used it a bunch myself and it's my mom's daily driver and whenever I look at her laptop or remote into it there's a ton of web pages open and some apps. Nothing heavy in itself but windows 10 was really hard to work with on this same laptop. And it's Kubuntu with KDE which is not the most lightweight of distros, but even it uses just about 600Mbs after booting up, leaving 3.4 gigs for the user. Where's Windows 10 uses at least 2 gigs of that, and you can talk as much as you can about "it's just preloading stuff and will free it up if needed", head to head comparison of performance on the same laptop says that even if it's true, it's not doing the best job at it.

  4. Gr8 video, I am studying sql, and I have made a vm of win2016, sql and vb2019 with Ms office and all the things running gave 4 gigs of ram, running it on VMware player, with my w10 running on the remaining 4gigs I still play csgo with my os that's fully loaded with all steam word outlook and all epic etc and still doesn't lag, I have 3500 r5+corsair vengeance 3200,samsungevo970ssdm.2, and radeon 550 it's a great idea to 16gugs but you can pretty much do a lot of things with 8gigs
    Note : I configured VMware player to user the last 2 cores only the rest of the 4 cores were being used for the w10

  5. I dont recommend or build any machine under 16gb of ram. Just not safe enough, for example Warzone needs over 8gb ram on my friends laptop. We installed the second 8gb module and the stutter was gone.

  6. RAM usage gotten larger ? Chrome alone did take care of that lol. I am starting to think the Chrome developers must have invested big in RAM stocks πŸ™‚
    I have now 32GB ram and if I run Chrome it will eventually manage to use it all within about 24 hours with my normal number of tabs open… When that is said I do not recommend Chrome even if it did not have ram issues as it is so riddled with spyware that it should be classified as malware. Every week I uninstall Chrome but it keeps getting installed with other software and with other software updates wihout asking…

  7. Can you make a video about linux swap and how to use it or how it's performs as a expansion of your ram if used with on m.2 nvme ssd

  8. Windows doesn't always put your pagefile on your C: Drive
    And it can have extreme Performance drops, CoD:MW On 8gig of ram with the pagefile on an HDD is basically unplayable like 20% of the game time

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