[Video] XPS 17 + XPS 15 Review

Dave2D review of the XPS 17 and XPS 15. The best laptop series from Dell
XPS 15 –
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  1. I don't feel omitting the number pad on 15" 17" laptops was a good idea! All these years not an issue. I Don't see how it's very practical using a separate keyboard.

    Could you do a compare review on budget to mid budget 17" laptops please. Acer websites throw up an error when trying to check other models configs or 17" models.🤔

    Love the way you explain stuff in your videos to the point! Liked and Subscribed!👍🏼

  2. Hey Dave, I have seen all your XPS 15 and XPS 17 videos. Appreciate the quick review 🙂 Could you please compare the thermal performance of the XPS 17 9700 and XPS 15 9500? I would like to get the XPS 17 solely for the better cooling/thermals with the vapour chamber so if it turns out the difference is negligible, I will get the XPS 15 for the smaller footprint and weight. Thanks! 🙂

  3. I have the old Precision 5510 (Skylake Xeon proc) that is still under warranty. The main heavy duty purpose is for photo post processing. Recently I thought I had a problem with my camera sensor and tried to locate this strange fiber that kept showing up in my pictures. Finally found the issue, the 4k monitor on the laptop has the fiber in it. After so many years of usage it almost seems as if the monitor is deteriorating. Since I still have the warranty I will see what Dell will do. In the four plus years of owning this laptop I have had the main board replaced (died the first year) and the NVMe drive replaced which Dell thankfully provided with the latest image of Windows 10 on it.

  4. I got my new XPS15 a week ago , and indeed, the first 2 days had a bit of a wooble. *Totally gone now and did nothing at all*.
    Actually it could be the engineering samples had the same issue at the beginning and it got itself settled as well.
    My previous XPS15 is now 4 years old (9550) and it's integrity is still top notch after a ton of traveling. A key reason why I did stick to buy an XPS15 as my main working machine.
    Not said, but the XPS is a great machine to run 3D engineering design tools like AD Inventor on the go.

  5. My last XPS 15 throttled so badly I could barely watch a YouTube video due to the severe lack of VRM cooling, so I struggle to trust Dell and these new models

  6. I do not recommend anyone buy these laptops. I am sending my XPS 15 back. They are priced on par with the Macbook Pro 16, but unlike Apple, Dell has a focus on specs and aesthetics rather than user experience. At this price it should be perfect, but it is not.
    First, the display. Youtube reviewers rave about the 4K display, using adjectives like "stunning" etc. In reality, the display is not perfect. It is great for watching 4K video, or using dark themed apps, but when using something with a white background, the viewing angles and uniformity are not good. It looks blotchy and there is a slight glow around the edges, and if you move slightly to one side, say 15cm off centre, the other side of the display will become dim much too quickly. I have used other Dell laptops with Sharp IGZO displays, and they all have the same problem. My Macbook Air 13 is vastly better, like looking at a clean sheet of paper in comparison.
    Secondly, the trackpad. Even if you ignore the known fault, the trackpad is not great. It has a mechanism where you need to click harder towards the top, and cannot click at all in the top 25%. In practice that means you need to click in the middle or in the lower left corner. You cannot use the entire surface with one finger like on a Macbook, unless you resort to tapping. This makes the large size of the trackpad pointless, only serving aesthetic purposes.

  7. Any idea if the 8 core i7 processor will be available in the UK?? Would suck if I’m waiting around for nothing and might as well just get the available 6 core option now. Hate that you can’t configure the specs yourself here either :/

  8. About to start uni looking for a good laptop (no set budget).
    What would u recommend in terms of an ultra book?
    All I will be using it for is uni work, research, streaming YouTube and Netflix and maybe gaming

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