British brand Ruark Audio Sound Systems comes to Malaysia

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British sound brand, Ruark Audio is bringing its trademark luxury sound systems to Malaysia. With VSTECS Astar as the official & sole distributor for the Malaysian market, discerning music lovers can now appreciate the charm of its warm, full- bodied sound systems – which sound as good as they look.

Perfect synergy between audio and design

Ruark’s claim to fame is its careful balance of the synergy between cabinet, amplifier and drive unit design. Its five music systems feature refined Ruark Audio sound drivers with Class A-B amplifiers, laid out in a sleek enclosure that is dampened and tuned to provide ideal conditions for them. As a result, the R7, R5, R3, MR1 and MRx can all closely reproduce songs the way they were recorded, creating a natural and lifelike soundstage.

Alan O’Rourke, Founder and Managing Director of Ruark Audio, said: “Our dream is to design music systems that first catch your eye, and then your ear. We personally tested many combinations of fabric, wood and other materials to find the Ruark hallmark sound – creating a soundstage that is as beautiful as it looks in your home.”

“As Ruark Audio’s sole distributor in Malaysia, we are thrilled to be bringing in these incredible sound systems, each uniquely tailored with refined aesthetics and enhancements to sound and technology that are sure to impress music lovers and design aficionados alike,” said Mr. Soong Jan Hsung, Chief Executive Officer of VSTECS Group. “Ruark Audio brings us iconic sound systems of the future, beasts that roar warm, full-bodied notes of alluring sensuality to match the minimalist design of a modern home.”


Before the advent of hi-fi systems in the 1970s, the radiogram – a radio and record player combined into one – was the desired music system of choice. It was often made of polished wood to match the furniture of its time. The R7 carries on the radiogram’s legacy of providing a wide variety of connectivity options, while also doubling up as a beautiful piece of modern furniture for the home.

Powered by two Ruark Audio dual concentric drivers together with a downward firing subwoofer, together with a well-integrated class A-B amplifier, the versatile R7 makes the listening experience more realistic and enjoyable. This adaptable system provides access to a vast range of music choices from radio stations to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi streaming.  True to its radiogram spirit, it also contains a slot-loading CD player for CD enthusiasts. The R7 can be easily operated with Ruark’s trademark Rotodial remote, which does not need to be aimed at the system to control it.

The R7 was designed to be a timeless statement piece in a room, with its exquisite hand- crafted wood cabinet, contemporary acoustic fabric and clear glass front panel.

RRP: RM15,999


The R5 makes a stylish addition to any contemporary home with its curvaceous hand- crafted cabinet, tactile fabric grille and sleek metal components.

It’s benchmark for creation was Ruark’s very own R7. Ruark has scaled down its own flagship model in all but sound to create a system which is simply pioneering. A class A-B amplifier and two Ruark Audio full range drivers together with a downward firing subwoofer, sits comfortably in an optimally damped and tuned cabinet to produce a stereo soundstage with sonics akin to a larger system with separate speakers.

When it comes to playback, the R5 has virtually every option covered, ranging from Wi-Fi streaming and Bluetooth to CD playback and even a dedicated RIAA turntable input. It also comes with Ruark’s RotoDial controller for easy control.

RRP: RM 6,999

R3 – Stylish and compact music system with expansive sound

Equipped with a high-fidelity two-channel Class A-B amplifier and enclosed in hand-crafted wood cabinets, R3 delivers a dynamic performance akin to larger sound systems while doubling as a modern piece of furniture for the home.

R3’s combination of tactile and luxurious materials sees the continuation of Ruark’s signature and eye-catching design language. It exudes quality and premium craftsmanship, from the curvaceous form of the hand-crafted cabinet to the coolness of the glass display, the warmth of the woven fabric grille to our trademark RotoDial controller.

This superbly versatile and compact one-box wonder offers comprehensive listening options for every music fan. Stream songs from your favorite music services such as Spotify Connect, TIDAL, Amazon Music and Deezer over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth aptX, access its Smart Radio functionality to tune into internet, DAB/DAB+ or FM stations, or spin a CD using the onboard player.

R3 can also be part of your TV and Smart Home set-up, with switchable analogue and digital inputs so devices such as a TV, Alexa Echo Dot or Google Home Mini can be easily connected.



Adaptable and modern, the compact yet powerful MR1 Bluetooth speakers will fill any room with natural and full-bodied notes without dominating the space.

With custom Ruark tweeters and woofers and complemented by a Class A-B amplifier, the modest MR1 can produce sensational sound with the dynamics and precision of a larger system. The MR1 can also function as a mono unit and can be easily brought on a holiday or down to the beach.



The beauty of the portable and convenient MRx is found in its simplicity – not just in sophisticated design, but in ease-of-use.

Set up your MRx with a quick connection to Bluetooth, broadband internet, USB or analogue input, and it will immediately start creating a soundstage that belies its tiny dimensions.

Instead of using a controller, owners can simply control the MRx via the dedicated app (UNDOK).

RRP: RM 2,399

Product Availability

R7, R5, MR1 and MRx are available for purchase now and R3 will be available in Malaysia market by end of August at the following retail outlets and online stores:

  • Atlas Sound and Vision Sdn Bhd (Ruark Experience Center) at The Gardens Mall
  • Mac Studio Sdn Bhd at BB Plaza KL and Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC)
  • Flash Gadgets (curated by Foto Flash Sdn Bhd) at Sunway Pyramid
  • Lazada online store
  • Shopee online store
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British brand Ruark Audio Sound Systems comes to Malaysia 3
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