Dimsum partners Sanlih E-Television & Hong Kong Open TV, for free content

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Video-on-demand service, Dimsum Entertainment is set to expand a comprehensive selection of dramas and shows from Taiwan and Hong Kong through its two new content partners, Sanlih E-Television and Hong Kong Open TV. This new content is available for free viewing by all registered users on Dimsum Entertainment.

Established in 1983, Sanlih E-Television Inc. (SETTV) is known to produce original content that is well-received in terms of rating, and recognised by the Golden Bell Awards every year. One in every two dramas broadcasted in Taiwan is created by SETTV, with popular series having gone global and licensed in more than 30 countries spanning 5 continents, such as China, Hong Kong, Canada, Japan, Korea, Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Over time, SETTV has come to be known as the light of Taiwan.

Featuring Taiwanese idol series from the 2000s onwards, fans can now find popular series Queen of No Marriage, Bromance, Someone Like You, Autumn’s Concerto, Refresh Man, The Art of Position and more on SETTV branded section. Besides, fans of the hit drama series Deja Vu can now watch the full series of the original and Thai version on Dimsum Entertainment. New titles will be added on a monthly basis.

Launched in 2018, Hong Kong Open TV is a free TV channel in Hong Kong offering quality programmes including news, entertainment shows, travelogues, lifestyle and leisure, popular dramas in both analogue and digital terrestrial television formats. It also places focus on producing infotainment content. Hong Kong Open TV aims to become a public-friendly information platform that enriches viewers through its choices of programmes.

The collaboration between Dimsum Entertainment and Hong Kong Open TV will bring in a larger variety of new content and programmes, from daily news update in Cantonese iCable News, to showbiz gossip Entertainment News, paranormal stories Classic Unbelievable, unique travelogue Zoo Much Fun, easy-to-cook 30 Minute Meals and more. Other programmes include “Ching Daily”, “Band Sound, Bang Sound”, and “Pet Shop Keeper”.

Dimsum Entertainment is currently available in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore; and  is accessible via the web, mobile and TV applications.

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