Joker Malware Apps Once Again Bypass Google’s Security to Spread via Play Store

Joker android mobile virus

Cybersecurity researchers took the wraps off yet another instance of Android malware hidden under the guise of legitimate applications to stealthily subscribe unsuspecting users for premium services without their knowledge.

In a report published by Check Point research today, the malware — infamously called Joker (or Bread) — has found another trick to bypass Google’s Play Store protections: obfuscate the malicious DEX executable inside the application as Base64 encoded strings, which are then decoded and loaded on the compromised device.

Following responsible disclosure by Check Point researchers, the 11 apps (list and hashes here) in question were removed by Google from the Play Store on April 30, 2020.

“The Joker malware is tricky to detect, despite Google’s investment in adding Play Store protections,” said Check Point’s Aviran Hazum, who identified the new modus operandi of Joker malware. “Although Google removed the malicious apps from the Play Store, we can fully expect Joker to adapt again.”

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