[Video] 13” MacBook Pro 2020 – About That CPU…

Before I review the 2020 13″ Apple MacBook Pro, lets talk about this whole 10th gen vs 8th gen CPU on these devices.

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30 Comments on “[Video] 13” MacBook Pro 2020 – About That CPU…”

  1. i really need help. 2020 13 inch 32GB Ram i7 (quad core) 10th gen ….. VS ….. 2019 16 inch 16GB Ram i7 (6 core) 9th gen ? * in this configuration the 16" is cheaper than the 13" * …. 9th vs 10th? Mac use.. some editing here and there. but mainly used for medical school. lots or research, classes, LARGE powerpoints and word docs, Statistical programs. 4K youtube video, netflix, and the regular laptop usage from a student. My current 2017 i5 8 Gb is too slow and stutters and cant keep up. Thank you please !!

  2. Love your advice thank you. Can someone please answer a question? My new MacBook Pro 2020 won't let me update the apps Keynote, pages or numbers! It says that someone else has downloaded it!! Is there a fix for this please? Has anyone had the same problem?

  3. Hy Linus. This one question for those who wants 13 inch laptop for video editing (Travelers). Razer blade stealth with 1650 Max Q or fully spec Macbook 13 inch? also considering the battery life?? or any one June 2020???????????? who tested thiss?

  4. For my workflow purposes, the base model MacBook Pro is enough machine for me. I use my MBP for work. For work I use Microsoft products a lot, answer emails, Teams, Zoom, Media Consumption, about 8-9 tabs in Chrome open at all times and that's it. Because Bestbuy was having a good sale on the device, the MBP became the same price as the MacBook Air, and that was enough for me. MacOS in my opinion runs great on any hardware of the MBP line, I was thankful I did not have to pay for things that just wasn't important to me. I don't use my MBP for gaming or editing video's, I use my iPad Pro for that. Thank you Apple and BestBuy.

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