[Video] $7 Smartphone vs $7,000 Smartphone.

How bad can a smartphone be in 2020? How Good can a smartphone be in 2020? Let’s find out.

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  1. What you said around 5:50 is so important; you forgot about using the OP8, and that is the mark of truly good technology. I cannot overstate the value of having technology so good that it just seamlessly blends into your life and your routine. Sometimes we mistake this level of harmony with being "boring" and "uninspired" because it's no longer wowing us all the time, but the truth is, it's because the technology has been refined and developed to a point of near perfection and that seams like a real achievement to me.

    You can liken this to cars, in a sense; people will get into a Toyota Camry or a Tesla Model S and marvel over their new car for a time, but then quickly fall into routine and forget all about it. They go about their motions of driving back and forth, lugging their bags and groceries and stuff around, shuttling their kids or friends around, and the car fades out of center frame to take a backseat itself instead. The car isn't any worse or lesser than it had been when you bought it, it just ended up blending so well with your lifestyle that you're able to focus completely on your life without the need to worry or think about the "appliance." That is a powerful place to be in technology. Awesome video, as always!

  2. $7000 phone, they Actually carved in Drwhostheboss! Not, mrwhostheboss.
    I think the engraver is a Dr Who fan!
    Maybe it's the modern version of a sonic screwdriver?

  3. Dude, I enjoyed this video until I saw the Iguana leather part other animal leather part. Why aren't you bothered by it? You even said "at this point, I'm happy", because it felt expensive and whatnot. News flash, those leather covered fucking buds and that case which quote: "you will never use" were a part of a living animal, who had to die to become someone's gadget. And to my disgust (and probably many other viewers'), you went on about it, how it felt great and how you forgot it was all an experiment. How the Gold iPhone just wasn't anything special and you had to get this one. Maybe stop being SO ignorant and put some of your freaking fame to call out these producers to start covering their phones in materials that have NOTHING to do with killing animals that are rare, endangered or just any animal whatsoever. And you expect us to subscribe? Dude, you might have a 2020 phone, BUT your mentality is like decades behind. I'll never sub to your channel.

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