[Video] A Wake-Up Call for Microsoft – Surface Book 3

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  1. Hey I’m an architecture student. and I’m a bit confused on which laptop to get either The “Surface Book 3 – 15 inch, Intel core i7, 16GB, 512GB, NVIDIA GeForce”
    Or the Razer Blade 15 Base 15.6" 4K Ultra HD OLED i7 RTX 2070 Max-Q I want to know if this is good for rendering and animation. I use softwares like Vray, sketchup and enscape. Also which would last longer because I’ve seen some bad reviews on razer. Thanks

  2. how much does this guy get paid to push this WAY way way WAY overpriced and outdated thingy? What am I talking about?…..He does commercials before, between and at the end of his videos. Let's evaluate this evaluator. First he introduces the product. He then pretty much trashes the product and tells you it's way too expensive for the outdated product you get. He proceeds to tell you how the competition has caught up and surpassed the product. AND in the end he tells you that you really have no other option than to buy the old, outdated and surpassed product. CAN you say SOLD OUT? ok …how about Bought and PAID for review………? smh…….😂🙄🤨🤪🤮

  3. Im using my Original surface book still. I love what it was but it is shit compared to what you can get 4 years later. Thunderbolt 3 would be so useful cant believe they dont have it in new models.

    I purchased this machine ($3,000+) in May. I struggled with it, and let the "Return By" date pass, figuring I could learn something new.
    Yesterday I noticed a hairline fracture in the screen – North to South, left side.
    They had this problem with the Surface Laptop 3. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4561768/surface-laptop-3-cracked-screen-reported-incidents
    I cannot return it for a refund. They want $600+ for a repair/replacement.

  5. That webcam really does look fantastic. I think the v4 or 5 of this will be really good. I think that flex hinge needs a redesign, something that would the the screen fold down flush with the body would be more durable and pleasing to the eye.

  6. If you wanted to compare laptops, Microsoft has a laptop line called Surface Laptop. There is no competition and comparison for the Surface Book's laptop/tablet hybrid. The surface pro, ipad pro, and galaxy tab s can fight it out for second place with their shitty sold separately keyboards.

  7. The laptop might have the same problem the Surface Book 2 had with the NVDIA drivers and having to update them manually with the NVDIA EXpirience, afterwards for me it ran much quicker!

  8. *PLEASE HELP!* I have the Dell XPS 15 from 3 years ago. Ever since the recent Microsoft update my Dell would not start up properly and would stay stuck on a black screen. After calling customer care it appears my hard drive cannot connect. They asked me to send it in. They said they have to check the motherboard as well. One or both may need to be replaced. Can anyone tell me if its worth replacing the hardrive and or motherboard or should I just upgrade?

    I use my laptop for editing and considering the Surface Book 3 but prefer the new Dell 15. But im scared to go back to Dell after this plus the periodic screen flickering issues that came with my current laptop.

  9. Windows and android have the same exact problem. Base os available on multiple platforms with an experience mostly dependent on the individual manufacture. This creates a very open ecosystem with multiple entry points but horrible fragmentation which may ultimately lead to less 3rd party support , terrible updates, and often terrible devices themselves. Meanwhile apple makes their own phones/computers with their own software not available on more products than they themselves release. Leads to what we currently have now with iOS updates for 5 year old devices all at the same time. MacBooks and macs with long term support and easy customer service plus many local repair shops know how to fix them and typically have access to basic parts if you cant afford the apple insane price. They can charge the insane price (which i do think is crazy) because you literally cant get it anywhere else

  10. I am started to get frustrated with these tech giants which are so badly inflating the prices for absolutely nothing but greediness. They had lost touch with reality and getting to 1,000 for a phone and 2,000 for a mediocre laptop is rubbish.
    I hope tech companies will see their downfall!

  11. I have a surface book 2 15" and a loaded 2019 macbook pro and, if forced to have just one I would take the Sfc Book 2. The touch screen, tablet, amazing pen support and gaming (although with some limitations) makes it my goto device

  12. IMO these new microsoft machines are so much better designed than apple, i'm blown away with Studio desktop, after few long years of the same iMac design (they look the same since C2D)

  13. Why not just get a 2 in 1? 360 deg hinge and it's essentially a tablet (albeit slightly thicker). And it's a lot cheaper for the same specs. No issues switching between laptop & tablet modes – you just flip it over & go. Also, lower temps due to having enough space for a good fan.

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