[Video] AMD is forcing me to make a very difficult choice…

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[Video] AMD is forcing me to make a very difficult choice… 1
[Video] AMD is forcing me to make a very difficult choice… 2
[Video] AMD is forcing me to make a very difficult choice… 3
[Video] AMD is forcing me to make a very difficult choice… 4
[Video] AMD is forcing me to make a very difficult choice… 5

37 Comments on “[Video] AMD is forcing me to make a very difficult choice…”

  1. "There's even less reason than ever before to bother with the 3600X"
    Except the benchmarks I've seen show that the 3600X is actually faster than the 3600XT for multithreaded performance.

  2. So you mention the thermal comparisons with intel, yet again you've used a high end watercooler. So isnt this the same case as the first intel video?

  3. It looks to me like the plain X versions may be the better deal if resellers drop the price (which they will almost have to). Sure, a lot of people probably do get an aftermarket cooler, but the point is one doesn't have to immediately or could sell the included Wraith Prism included with the two higher end CPU's. That's a $20-$30 loss in value before any discount on the X versions.

    That's all well and good, but if the price of the 3800X has to drop by $30-$40, what happens to the prices of the 3700X, 2700X, and 2600X? I sure wouldn't mind seeing 2700X CPU's selling for the pre-Covid prices of well under $200.

  4. Why even consider buying a Ryzen 5?
    The only true Ryzen CPU choice is the best one.
    That means Ryzen Threadripper (3990x) with 64 cores.
    Sure, it's very expensive at round about 4.000€, but do you want the best, or a budget machine?

  5. I don't have any graphic card in my laptop .The thing that I have is intel i3 processor and 4 GB RAM on which I game on .But it's my dream to have a gaming beast laptop or pc.

  6. The X and XT both existing looks like a price decoy to me. (Putting a bad offer next to a good one, to increase sales on the product you want)

  7. I feel like the StoreMI thing is similar to RTX Voice, they just haven't internally officially tested it on older stuff yet so they can't officially declare support with it.
    Like how RTX voice isn't supposed to work on non RTX chips but works fine on a lot of them (my own 10 series included).

  8. Yesterday I got my new rtx 2060 OC edition, but I had some problems.
    I had Installed it in my pc, I replaced it with my gtx 1050ti, and I booted it up. I first forgot to plug in my ssd PSU cable, so did that first. Then when it started, it didn't install any driver. It's okay, makes sense, so I installed the latest driver from Nvidia. When I tried to install it, it was saying 'Checking system compatibility' for a very long time, too long for what is normal. I thought I should just wait. But after 20 minutes of waiting, I was done waiting and began searching. Some people have had the same kind of issue, but none of them had any answers on how to fix it. After a whole afternoon of troubleshooting, having used ddu for 6 times already, I tried to install the drivers in safe mode. Then after that not working either, I just factory reset that thing, though still keeping my files. That was the only thing that worked. It was like my pc didn't recognize my gpu and it wouldn't install any Nvidia things. Even the GeForce experience would not install. What could have been the problem and are there other people who have had the same problem?
    Thanks in advance!

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