[Video] Aorus 15G – The Best Mechanical Gaming Laptop Keyboard

My review of the Gigabyte Aorus 15G. With the RTX 2070 Super and i7-10875H CPU. Faster than the 4900HS in single core and equipped with the best gaming laptop GPUs right now…

[Video] Aorus 15G - The Best Mechanical Gaming Laptop Keyboard 1
[Video] Aorus 15G - The Best Mechanical Gaming Laptop Keyboard 2
[Video] Aorus 15G - The Best Mechanical Gaming Laptop Keyboard 3
[Video] Aorus 15G - The Best Mechanical Gaming Laptop Keyboard 4
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29 Comments on “[Video] Aorus 15G – The Best Mechanical Gaming Laptop Keyboard”

  1. I am excited about this laptop and I hate gaming laptops that look like they come out of a spaceship. This thing is a perfect balance. This will be my next laptop for sure.

  2. the things i care the most in a laptop is the front camera and keyboard and trackpad thank you who cares about graphics Hz overall quality of screen let us just talk about this things that you can bw replaced with external devices
    i love how he said aa nothing new just 240 hz screen

  3. yes over a month later on this video, but the fact that all the tech reviewers and specifically saying "the next nvidia graphics cards are coming out within 6 months" kinda bothers me. Everyone knows not to buy these new release laptops now because newer graphics are so close (3 year cycle, yes it's worth waiting a few months, or you'll be stuck with this). I wish there was a "just a heads up, if you are looking at this, there may be some new nvidia laptops coming" part of these reviews.

  4. There is no point to gaming laptops with rtx cards that only put out to FHD . I'm tired of the false hype of rtx cards being used on FHD panels for gaming. Get a 1660ti or older gtx laptop. The performance is on pare always at FHD. STOP recommending gaming laptops with RTX cards until they have the displays that is beneficial and cost conscientious for the consumer.

  5. But Dave the G14 runs at like 105° just playing modern warfare. People are disabling turbo boost and only playing at 60hz and 3 ghz coming from cpu. How is that better? Not value in my opinion. Love your reviews though.

  6. I do graphic design for a sign company lnfo.help/GIGABYTE?瞳 We constantly have to be on top of branding colors. This laptop displays them flawlessly. I can run photoshop and illustrator at the same time with no lag. This laptop exceeds my expectations, and has made my job a lot easier.

  7. So, if the keyboard is too packed on the 15g wouldn't the 17 inch make the difference.. and yeah, it sucks that the intel cpu now is less energy efficient than amd, who wouldn't give anything for a less hot and loud system.

  8. Dave: 10 things you need to know about 10th Gen Intel in 10 seconds
    Segment: Lasts 69 seconds
    Me: Lies, Deception.


  9. a) You don't have granular control over the fans. With a custom profile, you're limited to a minimum of 30% (more than they themselves use in the quiet profile and even the low end of the gaming profile) and the UI is wicked annoying. They might as well not have put it in at all. Especially considering b)
    b) Don't just casually call it "fan noise". I've compared 3 laptops in recent days, one of them happening to be kind of a no-name clone of the Aorus 15G. The Aorus 15G is the only one that has an incredibly annoying whistle that only disappears once the fans hit a speed that's so high that you won't care about it any more because it's so damn noisy overall.

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