[Video] ARM – The Next Apple Macbook

The 2021 Apple MacBooks are going to be a VERY different type of laptop

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  1. The 2021 MacBook will probably get way better battery life and a much more consistent upgrade cycle. But by going ARM we lose a lot of the good stuff X86 delivered. And it also means no more Bootcamp. Do you think this is Apple's future? Do you like it??!

  2. When they're suppliers get too arrogant. Samething with IBM. Now intel. It accelerated they're move by at least a couple years. And AMD could become the same in say 15-20 years. Hopefully not.

  3. Davey bro your WRONG the MacBooks should have fans so they can be running on boost clock for longer periods of time ntm make it 35wat chip and it will be even faster.

  4. My issue will be resale of existing intel hardware. Up til now I could but a MacBook Pro, keep if for three years, then resell it for about 35% or more of the original price. How could I buy a MacBook Pro now knowing that within a few years it’s going to be a difficult sell to anyone?

  5. Considering how much devs have been put through because Apple refuses to allow VST plugins in their own DAW when VST are industry standard, I would say a lot of highly innovative plugin devs for music DAWs may just throw in the towel on this transition. Many developers have a tough time as it is, with pirating of their products, and small hardworking teams often times struggling to get by. Granted, a large part of the current predicament are entitled pricks pirating software to make their music, but I feel like Apple hasn't made life easier. Now with a fundamentally different architecture and, I would assume, instruction set, I might see a stronger argument for leaning towards windows PC for music production (even if we ignore how buggy Logic Pro X is).

  6. Apple is on Intel because it couldn't get PowerPC, a chip Apple designed in collaboration with IBM, to work. Despite some performance advantages vs. Intel chips, the PowerPC chips just weren't as well supported and performance was way behind. There is really no reason to expect more resources to be dedicated to optimizing for ARM. Keep in mind Apple still has less than 10% of the PC market. Last time developers had to choose between cutting Apple and spending resources to support an entirely different architecture, they cut Apple. Also, keep in mind Adobe performs better on Windows nowadays than on macOS, that's even with both OS running on Intel-based hardware.
    On the hardware drone, I think it's optimistic to think Apple could just keep delivering performance improvements every year on demand. If it were that easy, Intel wouldn't be struggling to keep up with AMD now and AMD wouldn't have struggled for decades to keep up with Intel. On the ARM side, Samsung wouldn't be struggling to keep up with Qualcomm.

  7. Not a fan of Apple but this is pretty cool. They are trying to gain control of their entire supply chain and this is very important for efficiency, cost and quality control.

  8. Not an apple fanboy but hope they succeed.Competition is good .There is nothing technical to stop windows 10 ARM from being run on these machines.The problem is licensing.Of course even if Microsoft agreed to let people people run Windows 10 arm on a mac apple would have to make drivers for it.Very curious to see how it all unfolds.

  9. All I can say is that this is an end of an era for developers like me. For over a decade i have enjoyed using my macbook pro for developing server software compiled for x-86 64 architecture. If x-86 is no longer available on mac ill probably switch to linux because there is really no point in developing my code for both architectures. Before you say ill be able to compile on mac using cross platform tools… there is really no point. The type of server software i work on will never be deployed on an ARM architecture. I have no interest in developing cross platform compile routines just to accommodate my development environment.

  10. intel or not, apple is always going to expensive. its not going to be cheaper just because they make their own processors for their mac products. MAYBE they will make their products a bit cheaper initially to promote sales but the price will go right back to what it always has been…. remember the powerpc days

  11. I don't think they will drop the price much if at all – judging by how much they charge for an iPhone – will also be interesting if they opt for USB 4 as I doubt they would want to pay royalties to Intel for Thunderbolt which by the way is not included in the dev kit

  12. 5:57 – "I think developers will have no problem hopping on board (to adapt to ARM)"

    Well I am a developer, both privately and commercially. And I can tell you I won't be developing for mac anytime soon.
    I dropped support for MAC OS on one of my projects in 2018 when they deprecated OpenGL. And I have no intention to develop any high performance stuff for this ecosystem.

  13. Yes my purchased decisions is to buy Intel Mac Pro that can run anything including BootCamp before they come out with weaker ARM MacBook that can’t even run BootCamp. Get ready people to pay premium price on a IPad Pro hardware in your Pro Macs. Buy IPad Pro 12.9 with Magic Keyboard this is your ARM computer and let’s see what you can do with it beside YOUTube. So why pay Apple premium price for the upcoming MacBook Pro ARM? If IPad Pro has same CPU and OS for fractions of the cost.

  14. As an Apple customer for 30 years, the number one lesson I've learned is NEVER buy the first generation of anything Apple makes. 1st gen are always slow, buggy and have issues. That's why the best mac I've ever had is the Mac Pro 5,1.

  15. Remember the Edge/Windows Lite double-screen computer that was being made with a Chronebokk-like theme to it? I think Mac OS 11 will try to have their own “MacBook Lite” kind of device to keep school’s market, that or Mac OS 11 will be available on iPad Pro. I don’t think this means cheaper Mac’s. Apple had to pay taxes now in some countries and they’re gonna use the boost in revenue to cover their loses.

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