[Video] ASUS ROG Phone 3 – Let’s Talk…

The Asus ROG Phone 3 is the fastest phone out there. The Snapdragon 865+ is very powerful but is it enough?

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[Video] ASUS ROG Phone 3 - Let's Talk... 1
[Video] ASUS ROG Phone 3 - Let's Talk... 2
[Video] ASUS ROG Phone 3 - Let's Talk... 3
[Video] ASUS ROG Phone 3 - Let's Talk... 4
[Video] ASUS ROG Phone 3 - Let's Talk... 5

45 Comments on “[Video] ASUS ROG Phone 3 – Let’s Talk…”

  1. buddy i want to talk about the fast charging now that you talked about that… people should understand now why apple have been giving way less fast charging capabilities than its competitors., because this company it really cares about theirs flagships lifespan and costumers. people should avoid those super fast charging phones it just stupid!! others companies doesn't care about that and they want you to buy a new flagship more often., that's one of the things of why apple is better than others companies…

  2. I'm confused, do you recommend it or not? I got ROG2 because it had best battery, great screen and was fast. I also got great price for it. Which reminds me, i missed if you said anything about price?

  3. As a consumer yes I am totally worried by the super duper fast charging affecting my battery life in long run
    Good to see Asus included such a feature
    More importantly a reviewer talking about it makes me more happy

  4. I think Samsung also has a feature to limit supply wattage (atleast in Note 9)
    It allows user to switch between conventional slow charge and 10 W fast charge

  5. That battery charging segment is why I sub to you, Dave. Don’t ever change.

    I read about it so I knew about it but not everyone reads about this stuff and most reviewers don’t even acknowledge it and that’s an improper job. Not to mention it pisses on Asus innovation and efforts. Sony have done something similar in their newly released flagship. We need that tech to make our devices last longer.

  6. Such a good review, i agree with you, what's the point of getting this bulky phone just for gaming when all the other phones in the same price segment offer more value (even better resale value) and same specs. Oneplus 8 Pro is a much better phone and a much better choice over this.

  7. Two things ASUS didn't think of:

    1. Setting a trigger point to deactivate one of the speakers when the phone is horizontal (trust me, the code can do this!).
    2. Sliding cover on their phone cover for players to lock the camera and keep it clean! (Accidental touches will fuck your front camera up!).

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