[Video] Building your own camera – Stupid or Genius?

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24 Comments on “[Video] Building your own camera – Stupid or Genius?”

  1. Hi linus. I will tell my PC Specs. Feels like lots of bottle necking is there. Planning mistakes was also there. Can u please suggest what to replace and shouldnt have put.

    Processor : i7 7700K (4.2ghz base)

    MB : Asus Tuf Z270 Mark2

    Ram : Amd Flare X 16 Gb 3200 mhz

    Cpu Cooler : Coolermaster Masterliquidlite

    GPU : MSI GTX 1080 Ti 11GB

    SMPS : Coolermaster V850 (850volt)

    Cabinet : Coolermaster CM Force 500

    Samsung 500 SSD and 1TB HDD.

    My Main use is 3D Rendering (3ds max + Vray) and using Lumion.

  2. So… What if we slap Android on that pi and run GCam? There's nothing special about the lenses and sensors of the pixel phones, so software can go a long way, even for the pi camera.

  3. This would be pretty cool for attaching to a telescope and taking astronomy pictures. Back in the day you'd have to disassemble cheap webcams and the results were rather meh. Now you can skip the disassembly and I'm sure the quality is also going to be much better.

  4. Can I stick the sensor in my old Canon HXA1s so I don't have to throw it away??? I wish that I could, because this camera has a pretty good piece of glass… IMHO

  5. Still pretty cool that you can build your own camera with a sensor better than most digital cameras before about 2012. Imagine what kind of stuff kids will be able to build with 3D printers in 10 years.

    I got my first Raspberry Pi late last year, a Pi 4 with 4GB RAM and it’s a great little device. I have it setup to run complex home automations and as a local file server. Kinda want to try using it as a web server. I also want to buy this camera module even though I can’t think of anything to use it for.

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