[Video] HP Omen 15 Review – Victory!

My review of the 2020 HP Omen 15. This is the best gaming laptop they’ve ever released.
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*1:42 – GPU is a RTX 2070 Super Max Q (not…

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  1. The recessed area around keyboard functions to keep keys from damaging the screen when it's closed. A trade-off not worth it for some, but it does serve a purpose rather than being a blind design flaw.

    Also worth noting the battery life is on the short side due to G-Sync, which keeps the dedicated GPU active 24/7 versus Optimus which switches dynamically to the Intel solution outside of gaming, improving battery life significantly. Great laptop as long as you know what you're buying.

  2. i saw some other amd varients of omen15 2020 grey colour they said that the trackpad plastic and upper lid is plastic but here dave said its glass and metal i trust dave more than others in laptop review.i want a second long impression review of this i mean how it is to carry around in a bag and if you could please do battery camparison between amd variend . also does the display oled in bestbuy specsheet they said it oled the high speced intel 4k varient

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