[Video] I can safely retire now.

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[Video] I can safely retire now. 1
[Video] I can safely retire now. 2
[Video] I can safely retire now. 3
[Video] I can safely retire now. 4
[Video] I can safely retire now. 5

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  1. Finding a model with a similar facial structure is very important. Jessica Alba's face on Kali Roses' body is a prime example. Almost indistinguishable. One of my favorites.

  2. I think my biggest takeaway from this video is just how much work goes into creating a YouTube video…I take these 12 minutes for granted way too often

  3. I don't watch this channel anymore although I like everybody on the showbut this channel is taught me so much about computers and software and different things computer-related that I don't have to watch it anymore I floorboard people with my computer knowledge in 90% of it came from this channel I really wish I would give whole room water cooling another crack I think it would work oh yeah if I miss some words blame Google

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