[Video] I may never upgrade again!

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[Video] I may never upgrade again! 1
[Video] I may never upgrade again! 2
[Video] I may never upgrade again! 3
[Video] I may never upgrade again! 4
[Video] I may never upgrade again! 5

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  1. Water cooling sucks and PS5 streaming is joke, not gonna be this way on PC, they just try save space on consoles because have small storage and games getting bigger and bigger

  2. I have the same Thunderbolt AIC and it took me forever to figure out why I wasn’t getting an image on the Thunderbolt connected monitor: turns out you HAVE TO connect BOTH DisplayPort cables. I had only connected one the whole time. No idea why it needs both. If I have a monitor connected to one DP of the graphics card and one DP cable to the TB AIC it would also boot and I would get an image on the TB Monitor after boot. So it clearly only needs one DP to function. But for whatever reason you get stuck in a boot loop when you don’t have the DP monitor connected and only one DP cable to the AIC.

  3. For anyone actually considering the PC37x's on drop, I highly recommend, I've had mine for a few weeks now and am loving every aspect. Only real downside to them is they ship with quite a bit of clamping force, but after a bit of wearing it does go down.

  4. Just put this in the X16 link to the CPU and put the graphics card in a G3 x8 chipset slot. The performance hit is near nonexistent, especially at high resolutions (i.e. normal framerates)

  5. Lmao imagine how disappointed he will be to find out that his loading screens are still there because the developers won't optimize their game just so that one piece of hardware that barely anyone ones will work with no loading screens

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