[Video] I spent two days in my attic to avoid a camera subscription!

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43 Comments on “[Video] I spent two days in my attic to avoid a camera subscription!”

  1. Yes you must pay attention to poe on these guys, great ui, remote connection from app is intermittent tho. Still needs work.

    Glad you featured the unifi line.

    Get a dream machine pro and step up your networking game..

  2. Been using unifi line for a few years now. Heads up with the bullet cams about 1 out of 5 coms doa with firmware lock. No ip, no nmap response from camera. Have to rma for a replacement.

  3. I’ve been avoiding nest for that ridiculous monthly fee. This looks like a great option as I have a NAS to store the footage to. Thanks and great video as always.

  4. 10:44 wait what? You're going to move the three cameras you just spent all that time mounting? And for what? Cause people know where you mounted them? I don't understand. They're huge. No matter where you put them on your house they're going to be visible. I'm hoping you're just saying that and honestly don't know why you did.

  5. Am I the only one left scratching his head wondering what exactly are all these Unifi components and how it all fits together? Unifi's website is even less helpful when it comes to picking out what you need to create a setup like Linus has. I guess one needs a 4 year I.T. degree and bigger frontal lobes to get a handle on all this. Of course it could just be me…

  6. Couple of points,
    99% of the image is static so you get mental compression as long as you drop your colour bits. You don't need 16m colours for CCTV. My 5mp h.view using h.265
    at 5 frames a second is less than a 1 mb/sec. 8 cameras would be say 1MB a second or less than 100GB a day.

    Camera wise, I use 5mp h.view bullet cameras for external use. £90 and also have colour night vision. Can easily read a number plate at 25m.

    Then you realise you aren't going to store all that video. All decent systems have motion detection so that is all you need to store. I live on a quiet road, I store about 50 X 30 clips of one camera.

    Get ONVIF cameras. This is where Next and Reolink, etc fail. ONVIF is a industry standard which unties the camera from vendor control.

    I don't bother with the cameras own software. I use Blue Iris, about £40 for a key and supports any ONVIF compatible IP camera, webcam, analogue camera (with capture card), etc. Has a ton of features like masking,mobile app, secure remote access, cloud storage, Alexa and Google integration, the list goes on and on. It can also send alerts if motion detection is triggered.

    Don't bother with wireless, too many criminals with WiFi jammers these days.

  7. You should set up an SD card based camera in the room with the server. Some of them are capable of saving to the SD card that way if the ethernet connection is dropped it will go to card. That way 1) person breaking in thinks they cut that when they cut all others, and 2) once your kids get old enough this is the kind of things that you get to look forward to.

  8. Why go through hassle of moving the ones ya already put up? They're not small, even if you move them people will still see em lol. Thorough security is as good or better than hidden security.

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