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  1. When you're making that kind of infrastructure investment into cooling, you may as well go to a superior cooling arrangement and set the rads in a plane, rather than one behind the other. Having the cold air hit more surface area is what wins the gains. But it really depends what your targets are. Fit it in or on the back on a case – not so good. Dedicated external rad – good opportunities to make gains. Fan / space conservation, again limited opportunities. i'd like to see someone build a rad for the case side, on the back of the mainboard, pull air out of the case and through a rad, the size of the side of the case. Should be equivalent to 3 or 4 rads. Still, you'd need 6 to 8 fans and probably an extra water pump, in line to boost the water pressure.

  2. Man, Linus has matured a lot. I am glad that I have been seeing you since the last 5 years. You admit your mistakes when you are wrong, that's why I love your channel. You are doing awesome work.

  3. Well that's a good test. But ever since water cooling started being used I thought it was a bad idea.. And I still think it's a bad idea. I'm very happy to keep using heatsinks and fans which have improved at a far greater rate than water in a pipe.

  4. would more radiators only be beneficial when say your temperature is high to begin with? So, you're testing and getting 38.5deg, what about at 60-70deg? would 6 radiators maintain the higher temp longer? would it cool better than 2 radiators, and be X degrees cooler?

  5. What if you made 3 rad set up in in upside down T for where the top blows air downwards and both of the bottom ones blow it outwards in different direction?

  6. Your delta t is going to increase pretty much only if you help transfer more heat (delta t * airflow) . Stacking up too much not going help much since the air is already heated up. I don't know if you are ignorant or play the ignorant. Anyway have a good day.

  7. From building race cars, in general you want the biggest single radiator you can fit "for your needs", but fluid volume and fluid flow have to be calculated as well. You only split into multiple rads for a single purpose if you're space limited.
    Too much or too little flow means there isn't enough thermal transfer. Which stacking rads, adding a bunch of fittings, and generally reducing the fluid pathway efficiency is another issue.
    For this experiment, assuming you have to stay in the wind tunnel effect: I'd reduce the number of rads to 5, then double stack fans at the entry, with another double stack before the 2nd to last rad.

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