[Video] Linus builds Linus’ new PC!

Check out Storyblocks Video at Linus has built a new PC for himself, and now Linus is going to replicate it as best he …

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  1. People that for any reason skipped the first part of the video are like: “why is Linus constantly referring to himself in third person, and what’s up with the accent”

  2. most developers dont rebuild something the size of a operating system though so i suspect this may be overkill… that said if you working a web development it does take some time to combile the backend and then do any traspiling to javascript packaging/bundling operatiion possibly there may be a unit test or end to end test to run too if we are really going for the works..
    javascript notably is single thread operation though which may be an argument for intel… though not a overly large one given how good ryzens gotten and if your doing webdevelopement your probably running multiple browsers though that rapidly disapearing as a thing as everyone gives up and jumps onto the chromium bandwagon…..
    not sure if webassembly will run mutli threaded hmm… maybe in future? not sure…. curious to see how that shaked out…

    I mean some operations in javascript could arguably run mutli-threaded if it was implemented that way like Array.map for instance…. but that would probably be impractical… but i bed it would be simpler to do with webassembly if it does not already work… need to dig into that hmmm… just getting into blazor right now…

  3. Wait what we could have had a cute fox instead of the shitty penguin? Also Linus degraded to a whiny douchebag over the years. His shitflinging and trashtalking on other people's work got absolutely disgusting.

  4. LOL @ furry with a keyboard – it's weird because I'm pretty sure the whole furry thing only became a thing many years after the decision about the mascot.

  5. I have to say, my favorite part was when I said out loud "STOP IT" immediately before and in the exact same tone as someone else in that video 😬

  6. "agnostic with no political affiliation" – that could be interpreted in so many ways… and yet, if Linus is like me, the answer to all of those many ways would be: Yes.

  7. That board actually supports DDR4 4000 ram, would've been cool to see how much performance (in compiling linux, probably not a lot) left on the table by not going for that.

  8. I'm a software developer, and I did do some benchmarking of build times (rust, building actix-web version 2.0) with and without XMP. It made absolutely no difference but caused some minor stabiity problems. This was an 8 core Ryzen 3000 series chip. There's basically two things I want: low batch compile times for languages where that's applicable, and general snappyness in IDEs.

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