[Video] Linux gaming is BETTER than windows?

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[Video] Linux gaming is BETTER than windows? 1
[Video] Linux gaming is BETTER than windows? 2
[Video] Linux gaming is BETTER than windows? 3
[Video] Linux gaming is BETTER than windows? 4
[Video] Linux gaming is BETTER than windows? 5

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  1. Maybe my next PC will use Linux, I won't be upgrading my current rig for a couple years or more so maybe by then it'll be even more competitive feature wise to windows.

  2. As a long time Windows veteran, I really wish Linux becomes popular on desktop. The end of Windows 7's life and the way Microsoft handles Windows 10 have finally opened my eyes to the fact that we NEED a proper alternative for operating system. Yes, there is Mac, but let us be real here. That's not an actual choice, unless you want it or for some very specific reasons, need it. After all, unless you are willing to put up with the hassle it can be to build and maintain a Hackintosh, the only way is to cough up some very fat dough to buy a Mac. The point is… there needs to be a third OS option that most people can use as their daily driver just as well as they do with Windows. And I am happy to see that Linux is, albeit very slowly, heading into that direction and that alongside, adoption is also growing. Linux always had the potential to take Windows' crown. That potential has just never really been explored, before. Well, maybe a little, but in the grand scale of things, it has been rather marginally.

    I am new to Linux and though I can't yet have it as my daily driver OS due to some of the softwares I need, I'm really enjoying it. A toast to the penguin, ladies and gentlemen! o/

  3. I recently switched to linux, runs smoothly, all games and programs, i'm soon making vr machine to run windows programs only (ms paint and stuff) tbh it is using like… 10gb on my ssd, and like barley 1gb of ram, my pc is way too beffy for this system, it's great I can recommend, I am using linux mint cinamon 19.3, super easy in use, no need for command prompts and such.

  4. 9:37 As a "Linux only user" and game developer i see that point. Proton hampers game development on Linux to some extent. If you work properly, there isn't much difference between "Windows development" and "Linux development". Only that DirectX stuff is somehow weird, what means: Simply don't use it. Use OpenGL/Vulkan, as you need it and you are fine with every platform. Mayor game engines can swap these without any recognizable loss in quality or efficiency. And if there are some: Vulkan seems to be superior to DirectX 12.(Like Valve "proofed" on SIGGRAPH) So why even bother with DirectX, which limits you to one platform, while the other brings you more money, more power and less problems?
    Proton on the other hand raises many problems – even if they are claimed as "gold" or even "platin" compatibility". Such ratings came from users which mainly uses the "Windows of all Linuxes" – Ubuntu. There isn't much wrong with using it, but as an "extended" user, there isn't much i can relate to. There are many differences to some individual installation, where the existence of some packages may be optional. If you are using arch or even some self-compiled kernel, you run into trouble very soon, because this whole stuff is very opaque. So "how it works" is just: "how it works for basic users". And especially in Linux you may not match the "basic-user-agreement" is much more likely than on windows.
    "Yes,", you might say, "this is why Linux game development is so difficult", while i answer: "No, this is why Windows development is so diffivult!". In Windows the mayor way is to deliver the stuff you need – except for exceptions, which are (mainly)all the same. In Linux the mayor way is, to tell which packages are needed and request the operating system to install them. You don't need to deliver it. You can go so much deeper into detail of "why is this a benefit" and so on, but i would prefer to stop here.
    I can't tell how this looks from an hardware perspective – i usually don't write hardware drivers. This whole VR-stuff is a blackbox for me, because it doesn't even work for me.(There a 2% of people where this VR-Stuff simply doesn't work because of some eye-illness) But if you want to go in this direction, i would recommend waiting a bunch of years until this is ready for the market, because everything i saw until now is much more like a "tech demo" than a game.(Except for that NSFW-Stuff, that is manual, but not very… Interactive.) In my opinion this VR stuff is currently better off to movies than games.(While there are exceptions)

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