[Video] MSI GS66 Stealth Review

Dave2D review of the MSI GS66 Stealth. The best gaming laptop from MSI in 2020 for thin and light portable gaming. With RTX Super GPUs and 10th gen CPUs
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  1. Hey dave, How do you think of MSI Ge66 raider?? I am really confused between This Gs66 and Ge66 . It would be appreciated if you leave a comment below. your fan from S.Korea

  2. Great review , I have a max q 270 ( not super ) on my Helios 300 and fire strike Graphics is at 19800 , whereas u got 19000 with super , is the turbo mode making this big a diff

  3. honestly im sold on this laptop just by its looks alone, walking into class with this thing in a sea of macbooks is such a flex , such an egoboost. So glad my local memory express has this available rn.

  4. Dave, be honest, which one? This of the razer blade? I am on the fence… I can get a late 2019 RB Mercury for 200 lower than a new gs 66 now. My worry is longevity and build quality. Cheers!

  5. Dave I am a user who is incredibly sensitive to panel brightness. My eyes are not super great after LASIK surgery – I recently picked up a Razer 15 and the display was so dim I had to return it. Any recommendations for a high refresh laptop with a bright panel? Thanks Dave.

  6. You can gain access to Intel XTU by going into the bios and once in the "main" tab press right shift + right control + left alt + F2 at the same time. Once you've done that then click on the advanced setting, scroll down to overclocking performance menu and enable the "overclocking feature" and enable "XTU Interface". This will now allow you to undervolt the CPU in Intel XTU 🙂

  7. I love it, it looks way more rigid
    My 65 8RF still holds up like a pro on vr/gaming and even rendering on blender so I’ll wait another generation or two (till i can afford it again…) 💪🏼💪🏼

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