[Video] OnePlus Nord + Buds – Value Returns!

Before my review of the One Plus Nord, here are my early thoughts on the best value phone of the year and the new OnePlus Buds.

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28 Comments on “[Video] OnePlus Nord + Buds – Value Returns!”

  1. I love you Dave embrace the name tell OnePlus they should do it and I love that I totally agree with you about the cord you are amazing great job

  2. My wife and I need new phones by the end of the year and I am considering switching from Sony Xperia (X and XZ respectively) to something like the OnePlus Nord (for her) and OnePlus 8 for myself…. I do appreciate stereo speakers, water resistance and enough CPU for shooters and 3D games, I also like good photography but if I really need some pro looking shots I have an RX10ii.
    Being long time Xperia users I will be a bit sad to switch because I do like some hardware and software inclusions in their phones, but right now they are extremely expensive considering what you get…

    Any OnePlus user out there to give their 2 cents about the experience? Customer support, reliability, hardware quality, etc?

  3. If your worried about the battery longevity on tiny wireless ear buds you're incredibly unrealistic. You pay what you choose to pay. But ear buds by design, and the fact that if no one changes how the basic battery works and degrades…they are going to have very short life spans, no matter how well you take care of them.

    That's why all these companies are going ham on the wireless earbuds. It's guranteed repeat business.

  4. I would've loved you to talk about this unique features you get when you use them on a OnePlus phone. By the way, I've heard the tap controls on those are not great. Are they customizable? I mean, double tap for everything sounds a little wrong for me.

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