[Video] OnePlus Nord – Something NEW

Thoughts on the new cheapest phone from OnePlus. I think this will be the best phone under $500 dollars this year.

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[Video] OnePlus Nord - Something NEW 2
[Video] OnePlus Nord - Something NEW 3
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48 Comments on “[Video] OnePlus Nord – Something NEW”

  1. Samsung A51 becomes the highest sold android phone so far surpassing Redmi Note 8 Pro
    So this may be @OnePlus 's next target
    Who knows🤷‍♂️

    They say getting a like from Dave Lee is very difficult..is it?

  2. Hey Dave are you aware of current situation with #boycottChina so eventually all the Chinese manufacturing companies are to be boycotted from India and one thing the map which represents India you left some portion of Kashmir which belongs to India.

  3. I think what you said about start up thing is right. But they need to decrease the price more so that a common man can buy it too. And one plus reaches to everyone

  4. Going to be really thought considering the ecosystem for OnePlus is basically nonexistent. Xiaomi gets around that with their goal being soft power and your opinion on both Xiaomi and China becoming better.

  5. I feel like tech savvy and feature-oriented people aren't the people that buy OnePlus phones. Their only feature is the speed and RAM. Beyond that, Samsung phones have way more bells and whistles than OnePlus. Even the Google Pixel has more features.

  6. Indian here. I just ordered a Pocophone. But I might cancel it to get the Nord. Oneplus devices are just insane value for money (in India atleast). For me, they are now what Apple used to be in the Steve Jobs era. Just absolute innovation.

  7. Apple could create that ecosystem because they control or own the OS. There's no way OnePlus will be able to pull off such a thing if they are using Android.

    My guess, this is just a one-off gig like Poco from Xiaomi or Realme from Oppo…

  8. Although one plus has a huge fan base with an excellent reputation for its products for providing excellent value for the price and is eager for this phone, but
    the current strain in the indo china relationship accompanied by the pandemic has hugely affected the market especially for the Chinese products with the growing anti china and boycott Chinese goods sentiment in india
    Eager to see how it all plays out for one plus

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