[Video] Our server room ACTUALLY Caught Fire Explained

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33 Comments on “[Video] Our server room ACTUALLY Caught Fire Explained”

  1. Imagine buying something so expensive, with no moving parts, that you have to service every 6 months. Seems like it's poorly built, just like supercars with their 3000 mile oil change bullshit.

  2. 3:48
    Linus – "give us a short explanation of what we're looking at here."
    Brian – * Starts talking
    Linus – *Completely talks over Brian and then moves on to next subject

  3. Would have loved to hear the call to EATON "Hey LTT here, umm we blew up our ups, i think were going to make a vid trashing your product…Unless…"

  4. Why go for UPS instead of couple of Tesla batteries for such setup? Just wondering. Anyone know price for apples to apples comparison? Meaning for the same runtime on batteries

  5. Man if replacing all this stuff only took threatening to make a video about the fire and then promising to mention that it was your fault (wink-wink) then giving the actual list prices (wink-wink) I want to make a video about my friend's RTX 2080 rig with some campfire soot smeared on the keyboard.

  6. Linus…. LISTEN UP, them buss-bars and cable terminals shud have LOCK-NUTS on them during manufacture, BECAUSE with the materials used heating and cooling it undoes the nuts and becomes loose over time only due ti the temp fluctuations. I have had several Solar Panel wires they were terminated into DC circuit breakers come loose and the exact same thing happened, arcing and then fire…. SO ITS NOT BRIAN"S Fault, all he is responsible for is terminating the unit to the mains power and not to pull the unit apart to check their slack workmanship.

  7. Linus and Brian: Night on the Town: Post credits: Dialogue 3:56

    Brian: "Yeah it's a lot more convenient.."
    Linus: "THICCCCC"
    Brian: "Well, not necessarily…"
    Linus: "Well some of them are, like; D4MN! Look at that one!"

  8. also companies like eaton,ge,and square d atrain their techs and engineers to say its the installers fault no matter who is actually at fault even if it is their own faults or faulty equipment

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