[Video] Sorry, Apple: THIS is the First Laptop with Mini-LED

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48 Comments on “[Video] Sorry, Apple: THIS is the First Laptop with Mini-LED”

  1. 4 and a half hours of battery, that is fine for road warriors, I jumped around Europe in hostels for 9 months as a programmer and my battery life was only fifteen minutes on a good day (5 seconds on a typical day). Electrical outlets are pretty ubiquitous.

  2. i have a question.
    how do you know how many nits is your screen at, at that instantaneous moment? like Linus said "with the screen brightness turned down at a hundred nits", How did you come to know that it is turned down to a hundred?

  3. Why is the insane annoying monitor industry skipping on the Desktop platform?
    They have the tech on giant TV's, and then they go to laptops??? WTF is up with that.

  4. 10:02 – 02 Amp ad… "The Amp was designed and created with the feedback of over 500 MASSDROP members." Uuuum, Linus, it's just Drop now lol. Do not pass go, do not collect advertising dollars.

  5. Can I ask you guys for help? like small amount of money because Im to poor to buy what I need for online class Im planning to buy the old desktop from my neighbor I hope u help me guys.

  6. lol battery reset pin hole?!?! I didn't know that was a thing
    The camera is kind of good, the mic is normal (bad lol)
    Your video "description" has so many links it was hard scrolling through to find the Massdrop ad link, even though it was the first listed item. Clean up your video descriptions.

  7. Hey Linus! I’m building my dream gaming setup and den. I already have everything I want except a pc. Is there a possibility I could buy a pc from you for cheap? I know you may not see this comment but it would help a lot if I could just buy one for cheap. Thank you!

  8. Someone metioned concerns with hot intel CPUs or noisy fans. No problem with Throttlestop. I've used this free software for years to dial back the turbo boost (kinda like CPU clock multiplier). This is handy if you want to have less fan noise, CPU heat and battery drain for portable use. Of course this comes at the cost of slower CPU speed when the turbo boost is dialed back. Throttlestop has has thermal limits that you and DIY. For full speed/full turbo setting I would always use on a decent laptop cooler pad that has a large fan. In the past with poorly designed laptop cases I've taken out the motherboard and drilled ventilation holes in the base of the laptop, before putting back the motherboard. I've then seen a drop of between 10-15°C when used with a decent laptop cooler pad.

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