[Video] The Apple Master Plan.

Apple is behaving unusually. What are they really up to? Here’s what I think.
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29 Comments on “[Video] The Apple Master Plan.”

  1. With how powerful raspberry pi is getting, and how powerful phones are getting, it's probably likely that there's going to be alot more arm devices in general. If I can control the hardware of an arm laptop/desktop how I can with an intel/amd one (be able to install Linux on it), I would be quite happy with a powerful arm based laptop/desktop.

  2. one thing which i doubt, apple could make a creative workspace like adobe has done with photoshop.
    this would make it better for them because of more subscription

  3. I absolutely agree. I think Apple was about to loos there strength. Then they realised that the somehow have to remember what once made the difference. It was not the iPod ore the iPhone alone. It was iTunes. And know they a preparing themselves for the second evolution of this kind of business. It is three services.

  4. Whats the difference in simplicity between installing APKs to Androids and installing ipas to ioss? edited answer: you know. In fact try to do it he simple way like android

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