[Video] The Best Gaming Laptops from Asus

My review of the Zephyrus M15, Zephyrus S15 and Zephyrus Duo

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[Video] The Best Gaming Laptops from Asus 1
[Video] The Best Gaming Laptops from Asus 2
[Video] The Best Gaming Laptops from Asus 3
[Video] The Best Gaming Laptops from Asus 4
[Video] The Best Gaming Laptops from Asus 5

36 Comments on “[Video] The Best Gaming Laptops from Asus”

  1. I noticed Dave's been working out hahaha just look at those arms when he picks up those lappy.. Anyways, good video! The explaination made it clear to which lappy to get for your needs..

  2. This has terrible build quality i went and had a look at this and zenbook absolutely terrible build quality, i am no apple fan but put it next a macbook its day and night difference. The other brands other than a Microsoft's surface were all terrible.

  3. hello man,
    you make amazing videos no doubt, but I watch linus tech tips notebook reviews too, and when I see your videos, I feel like sleeping, please make the videos more energetic.

  4. Yeah finally at the point: if you move the keyboard towards you, you have to sit away from the screen! That is why I actually think 13 inch convertibles have larger screens compared to 15inch Zephyrs sometimes.

  5. Impressive laptops from Asus. While windows hard wares improved so much over the years…. The actual software is just incredibly finicky. WTF is wrong with doing windows updates the right way? Proper testing, don't touch hardware drivers, NOT forcing version upgrades?

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