[Video] The Cheap AMD Ryzen Laptop

My review of the best cheap laptop for students. The AMD Ryzen 4700U Swift 3 is also capable for some decent frame rates in games!
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  1. The non HD screen is where all the cheap laptops cut corners. Don't do it.
    And Acer has horrible tech service. My Swift started blacking out within a few weeks of purchase, then it would come back if I shut it down and turned it back on. Then the cursor went out at +-9 months. Techs were no help. I used a wireless mouse for a few weeks, then it blacked out for good. Couldn't get it to come back on. Again techs were no help. Sent it to Acer still under warranty. They sent it back with a note that they couldn't find anything wrong with it, so did nothing. But alas, it still wouldn't come back on. I took it to Best Buy, and told them the story, and asked if THEY could make it come on. They couldn't. They wired it to another monitor and it lit right up. I called Acer, and sent it back with a sarcastic note and a card of the tech at Best Buy that would confirm the issues if they needed help. They sent it back "fixed", but within a few weeks, and after the warranty had expired, the cursor went out again, and the blackouts started back up. When I called back, they directed me to a third party pay service. I'm "cursing" it with a wireless mouse again, expecting it to go black any time. Anybody can make a lemon, just don't expect it to be repaired by Acer techs. If you have ANY issues with your Acer computer, return it for a refund if you can because they're NOT going to be able to fix it. Or if you need a boat anchor…..keep it.

  2. You're better off with a G14 everyone save your money and don't give in. An RTX 2060 and a Ryzen 9 is perfect plus 1tb of storage I recommend saving the money for it and gaming on that!

    im not an artistic student or anything so i dont mind the colour inaccuracy,,, aslong as its good enough to watch movies in thats enough..
    also i prefer lower brightness,,,, i reduce the brightness in all my devices

  4. I dont know much about laptops and Ive been looking for one for school. Thanks very much for the reviews to help me choose 😀

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