[Video] This is the BEST game controller. Let me explain…

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26 Comments on “[Video] This is the BEST game controller. Let me explain…”

  1. The steam controller and Splatoon are example enough as to why people don't bother with gyro aim. It's awful. And it's very bad on your wrists with the movements required. Controllers are not ergonomically designed to be constantly rotated in your hands like this, that's why developers make only small gimmick effects with it.

  2. Dear Linus,
    I know you give pc s and I really need a pc because I'm starting to learn programming. Look 8 know there's a lot of people that do this but I am a big fan of your work and I really need this.
    Thank you Linus.

  3. You're getting Old Linus. Read the comments, you've started telling people what they already know, and have already known for a long time, but you think they don't because this is the first time you've thought about it.
    Reminds me of why I quit Facebook. When people start saying things they think are so profound, deep, and will change the world, simply because that's the first time THEY have thought about such things. Everyone else just sits groaning and cringing and saying "aww, bless" under their breaths.
    You're not a bad person, per se, but you might want to consider handing your belt to someone younger and more in tune with the times. I say this as someone older than you, and having had to do so myself. It's not easy, but it's the right thing to do.
    Just read the comments, and have a little smile about it.

  4. PS4 controllers randomly die when connected to PC and the rubber stick surface gets destroyed in a month. Preferred controller? Yes. Best? No.

  5. i got dualshock 4 some time ago because of the advantages feature-wise. the controller just feels so solid and comfy. edit: i recommend ryochan7's ds4windows if you want to use the dualshock 4's features as much as you can on pc. you can emulate a xb360 controller and even use it like steering wheel

  6. As much as I'd love for this to catch on, history has shown it won't (wii, steam controller etc.). I think it's because it involves more muscle movement than players are comfortable with for long playing sessions 🤔

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