[Video] This Laptop Runs TWO Games at the Same Time!

Thanks to ASUS ROG for sponsoring today’s video! Check out the ASUS Zephyrus Duo 15 at I’ve heard of playing a game and watching …

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  1. Clicked on this video, got a pulse way ad with Linus in it and was so thrownoff from it cause I thought they went ham on producing an ad.

  2. dear linus your fourms are demeaning and a classic power game i didnt know something and i got 6 relpys from moderators not to beg when i asked for a job and they harrassed me so im unsubing and everything above i just wanted to know if i could work for parts and they treated me like well at least you have sum better than the kids in africa well news flash its 2020 and i wasnt begging i was legit just wanting to work for you now i dont seems like you like being the power hog behind everyone just everyone lma again and im going to sulk in deppression realizing my fav yt channel has made money go to there head

  3. The name ROCKET LEAGUE makes ZERO sense for the type of game it is, However CARBALL, the ORIGINAL GAME did. UT2004 MOD CarBall is still a blast, where they got the idea for rocket league. Cheers.

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