[Video] This was MUCH harder than I expected… DIY Air Conditioning Pt 1

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41 Comments on “[Video] This was MUCH harder than I expected… DIY Air Conditioning Pt 1”

  1. Been getting the feeling a lot recently that Linus is looking at my search history with all these ads that are very applicable to what I was JUST googling.

  2. This video really demonstrates how every individual has there own skillsets, I'm an electrician and can smash out a back to back split system including running power in just under 2hrs, but I 100% guarantee I couldn't build a pc anywhere as quick as Linus probably could.

  3. Cough, shouldn't you PU foam spray where the cables went in? Without it you may find a bee hive, hornet hive or zerg swarm in that cosy, soon to be insulated attic!

  4. This man makes $18 million a year and will not pay $25k for a new AC system and I barely make $50k a year and had to fork over $10k for a new AC/heating system for my house last year. Linus stop being so cheap.

  5. hmn, 1st world (or more like cold world) problem I guess, aircon installation in the place I live only cost like 15 buck and took just an hour

  6. Installing 4 separate units = Better performance. Lower installation cost because you need less materials. But it can be a bitch to get the external units up there and work on them.
    Installing 1 unit splitting into 4 = Bad performance, especially with all this piping. Quite expensive because of all the materials. Easier to install.

  7. If it can heat and cool, isn't this just a regular heat exchanger/pump then? And if so, does it replace all of your heating around the house? Should be a lot more efficient than running on gas but I have no idea about Canadian gas/electricity prices.

  8. I am astonished by the figures that you are quoting. In Bulgaria such AC unit and installation would only cost a $2-3 tops. Also, a couple of hundred for the concrete pad? I would cost no more than $40 here.

  9. from what I can see it looks like it's going to be 4 AC in house , be sure you use the lower diameter pipes for the furthers out AC in the house. And try to mount the Condensing unit to the ground or it might move around like mad . I just hope the Condensing unit is good for 4 AC.

  10. 0:58 This is why you Don't let an electrician attempt to repair your evaporator coil. Totally wrong type of gas, wrong type of flame, wrong placement of heat. He's Not trained in this skill.

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