[Video] What the heck is a GAMING SERVER??

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  1. I am in the UK so connect to the Paris data centre. Ping comes in between 2-8ms. I use the game stores to install my purchased games easily and a service called Premiumize to hold and move large files that are not from the games stores… I normally push the graphics settings to max and think I only had one game not like that. The only downside is the storage space at 256gb. I am on the boost package.

  2. oh, nothing new, SHADOW dont work in brazil,
    triste, pq não funciona, tambem temos computadores bons
    VER.ENG: sad, why dont work, we have powerfulls pc's here, sorry my English isn't good

    yes im a brazilian

  3. Why is Shadow available in some obscure country like Luxembourg and not another country that's more likely to use it, like Canada or Australia?!

  4. I can't see how you'd have "dual channel" bandwidth for a VM. Wouldn't you have six channel regardless and it would be up to the scheduler to handle the contention of any running machines?

  5. I am using a server that is in Germany and i live in Lithuania. The latency to it using fiber optics is from 33ms to 40ms. Yes, it is not ideal but damn that is impressive! So if anyone needs another promo code then here you go: ANDMNFAY

  6. At the point you don't or no longer have access to a base 100 internet connection, this basically turns into a glorified RDP server for the end-user. And with the price you pay for an equivalent physical computer of about 700 to 1000 bucks, you spend about 130$ for about 6 years on shadow and then you can't even resell or re-purpose the hardware. Also if you're internet goes out, they do maintenance for a prolonged time or their farm burns down, you're fucked.

  7. Intern: I think you will be very happy with me, I managed to get a deal with a popular YouTube channel and all I had to do was send them a server to look at.
    Boss: That's great, which Youtuber ?
    Intern: Linus Tech….
    Boss: Oh f***

  8. You should've plugged this in at the office then went to your house to test the connection away from where the actual server is located… Also, VPN from a different country… then make a video and get back to me before I sub to Shadow.

  9. Thankfully I got my activation on Monday! Santa Clara is actually really far ahead compared to other data centers if you live on the west coast. Don't bother cheating and falsifying your location. Like Linus said, "the closer you are to the data center, the better the experience"

  10. I think game streaming has its place (students with fast internet but crappy hardware, people who travel between fast internet location a lot). I just don't think it has quite got to the point where it's a worthwhile alternative to actual hardware. I tried the Nvidia service and it was fine on Ethernet and basically unplayable on anything else i.e. Powerline or wireless. Here in the UK many of us aren't blessed with hyper fast internet services but I can stream 4 1080p movies at the same time. With that in mind I was surprised at how bad the image quality went when other people were doing stuff in the house. I'm kinda hoping 5G is the moment and I can sit in the park playing Doom eternal on my phone, but like VR I do wonder if this is technology that will forever be one step from its big break.

  11. The problem with cloud gaming services like this is ALWAYS latency. Linus said it works out at about 2 frames but that hasn't been my experience with services like these. My pings are good but I still typically get around half a second of lag, which is impressive when you think about what has to happen in that time, but terrible for playing games on.
    There is nothing that the service can do about that as it's down to your ISP, how many hops they have on their network and how they manage traffic.

  12. I’ve had my Shadow for about a month now and can confidently say I’ve got my money’s worth and more; and Linus, VR is already currently possible on Shadow through the use of an app like Virtual Desktop. I use it at the moment and it’s a way better alternative for the Quest instead of buying a $200 link cable! Hope you see this and try it out!

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