[Video] WHO IS BUYING THIS STUFF?? – Ice Cube Phone Cooler

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  1. I love how when Linus mentioned the Aorus gaming laptop he just threw in “battery life” as a feature without an estimated time the battery would last. Like as if other laptops have NO battery life and this one does.

  2. I have a legit use case scenario outside of gaming for this and I am going to buy one for my Google Pixel 3. I use my phone as a my primary Internet and it will overheat when being used for too long as a hotspot. Not only will it throttle the phone after awhile, it also throttles download speeds at the same time! I'm hoping to use this to keep my phone cool enough to use as a hotspot while not overheating it, which should keep my download speeds at maximum. I used to go through at least a phone every year (min I'd have to change the battery once a year) because of they get so hot when being used as a hotspot and before buying a WeBoost cellular booster, they would spend most of the day in the window in direct sunlight.

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