[Video] Why is EVERYONE Buying this TV??

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38 Comments on “[Video] Why is EVERYONE Buying this TV??”

  1. Sadly, you bought a tv from a Chinese company 😣. Know one thing, anything which is cheap and has a headquarters in China is dangerous to your mother Country. Check before buying any products whether they have their origin in China. Every chinese brands are under the control of CCP.

  2. In order to have a minimum decent VR space, 55in is already bordering the too big range for the distance my computer chair needs to be to fit the bed in my room (and that's with wall mounting). Though, I'm looking forward to replacing my current 4k60hz 55in with something with unnoticeable input lag in a few years.

  3. "Why is EVERYONE Buying this TV??". I do not know…..anyone who has bought it. But alright. I still have some coffee left. Why did you buy it?

  4. I just bought a new TCL TV and it is the biggest bullshit i've ever seen. Netflix disconnects all the time to a point where you have to reset the entire PC. The Wifi Card in it is to slow to stream 4k movies. Changeing TV Channels takes up to 5-6 seconds reaction time. Same with Volume. It is just better to spend a little more money and get something that acually works.

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